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Hearty dishes: goose stew

Almost every modern hostess knows several ways of preserving poultry meat. Of course, most often cook dishes from chickens, they are subjected to heat treatment, salted, smoked, make a stew. But it should be noted that the stew from the goose is much tastier and smoother than from the chicken. Goose meat is high in calories, so it is not recommended to eat it regularly, especially for those who are inclined to fatness. But sometimes you can pamper yourself with a delicious stew, cooked at home. And how to do it, we now consider.

Several ways to preserve goose meat

To make the stew, where the goose is in its own juice, the prepared carcass is cut with pieces, washed thoroughly, put into clean jars, adding bay leaf, one spoonful of salt, sweet pepper and half a spoonful of sugar. Tare cover with lids and sent to the oven for five hours, after which the banks roll, cool and store in the cellar. This is how the stew is made in the oven in a jar.

There is another way of preserving poultry meat. Goose carcasses are fried, pre-cut them into several pieces. Pieces are then put in a saucepan, seasonings are added and stewed over medium heat until cooked. Then the meat is laid out on clean cans and immediately rolled. Consider how to do the stew from the goose in more detail.

Goose mushroom home-style

Ingredients: one goose for five and a half kilograms, four bay leaves, eight teeth of garlic, one twig of thyme, six peas of sweet pepper, and four buds of cloves, three liters of melted fat, thirty grams of black peppercorns, ninety grams of salt.

Cooking method.

According to this recipe, the stew is cooked in the oven in a jar. First the plucked carcass is cut into pieces, washed, the garlic is ground. All spices are mixed, they rub pieces of goose, put them in clean jars, cover them and put them in a cold place for two days. After a while, the oven is heated, the meat is washed with cold water, dried with paper towels, put in jars, poured with fat so that it completely covers the goose. The container is placed in the oven for ten hours. During this time, the meat should become soft, and the fat - transparent. Banks roll, cool and store in a cool place.

Goose stew: recipe in the multivariate

Ingredients: one gander for three kilograms, five bulbs, two grated carrots, two bay leaves, black pepper ground, dried herbs.


The carcass is chopped into pieces and placed in a multivark, spices added, onions cut into half-rings, grated carrots, interior fat extracted from carcass, two hundred grams of water. Prepare the dish for four hours in strong mode and the same amount of time on a weak. When the stew from the goose is ready, the meat is separated from the bones, kneaded with a fork, unfolded in clean jars, filled with fat, covered with capron lids and stored in a refrigerator. You can eat it with potatoes, any porridge.

Autoclaved goose stew

Ingredients: one gander, two spoons of salt, dry spices to taste.


Pre-prepared carcass washes, remove the fat (it is put separately and cut), divided into pieces. Meat rubbed with salt and spices, put into clean half-liter cans, pre-cooked, and rolled. The bottom of the autoclave is covered with paper, pour a small amount of water and put the container. The autoclave is included, while the goose stew must be prepared forty-five minutes at a temperature of one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius. Then the machine is turned off and left until the cans cool down completely. After that the muffin is sent to a cold place.

Goose mushroom

Ingredients: one gander, salt to taste, one hundred and fifty grams of water.

Flesh is cut from the bones, stacked in a bowl multivarka along with goose fat, navel and heart, add water and turn on the "Tomlenie" mode for three hours. After two hours the meat is salted. Serve the cooked mashed potatoes with mashed potatoes or porridge.

Goose quail with sauerkraut

Ingredients: one gander, one kilogram of sauerkraut, forty grams of salt, twenty grams of sugar, one gram of citric acid, one onion, and one gram of ground pepper, twenty grams of flour and forty grams of fat.


The carcass is washed and cut, cut into pieces and fried in the oven for about an hour, then put into a bowl and cooled, remove coarse bones.

Cabbage is put in a pot, add the chopped onions, half a cup of water and heat to a boil. Pieces of meat mixed with cabbage and fat, salt and add spices. The flour is fried until golden brown, mixed with fat and a little water, mixed, put in a pot with cabbage and goose and stew for half an hour. After a while, pieces of meat and cabbage are laid out on clean cans, cover with lids. The container is placed in a container of water and left to boil for half an hour. Then the cans are sterilized three times at intervals of twenty-four hours. The first time - ninety minutes, the rest - for seventy minutes, then the banks roll up and cool. Keep the stew in a cool place.

Finally ...

Goose meat contains a substance that produces the so-called happiness hormone, as well as many useful elements that help improve brain activity, cardiovascular work, tissue repair and so on. In addition, in the goose there are many antioxidants that prevent the development of chronic fatigue, improve mood and well-being. Goose fat is also a rather useful product, it helps reduce blood sugar, so it is recommended for diabetics.

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