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Pancakes on kefir - simple recipes for delicious and quick cooking

Pancakes on kefir - very tasty and simple to prepare food, which can cook almost any hostess, even without any skills. Flour for the preparation of such tortillas can be wheat, rye or a mixture of wheat and rye. Rye flat cakes on kefir to taste no worse than wheat. There are several recipes for cooking such cakes. You can use any recipe for flat cakes on kefir for your taste.

Recipe 1 - Pellets on kefir in Ukrainian

Ingredients: premium flour - 1,5 cups, kefir with a small fat content - 150 ml, salt - if desired, soda - at the tip of the knife tip.

Preparation: put the sifted flour in a bowl for kneading the dough. In flour, make a hole, pour in kefir, add salt and soda. Make kneading dough, while it should not be tight and slightly should stick to your hands. Cover the dough with a towel or a special film and let stand - 30-40 minutes. On the cutting board or table, apply a layer of vegetable oil, put the dough there, and form a cake. The thickness of the flat cake should not be more than 2 centimeters. Cake should be fried in a heated dry frying pan, with low heat, 15 minutes, at least on each side. Fry the cake covered with a film and allow to cool for about 30 minutes.

Recipe 2 - tortillas on kefir onion (garlic)

Taking such a dough as a basis, you can prepare and cheese cakes with the addition of grated hard cheese, and flat cakes with the addition of cheese sausage, and onion-dill, with added in the dough lightly butter in butter and dill. The recipe is very simple and successful.

Ingredients: kefir - 0,5 liters, yeast - two tsp, salt - one and a half teaspoons, sugar - two tsp, flour - 800-900 ml (5-6 cups), onion soup - three Art. L (1 packet) or two tsp. Garlic powder, vegetable oil (for dough) - 50 ml., Vegetable oil (for lubricating dough and flat cakes).

Preparation: dilute in warm kefir (degrees 40) yeast and sugar. Add a little flour and mix. Wait 5 minutes to brew. Then add salt, the rest of the flour and carefully knead the dough. Pour the vegetable oil and mix again. The dough comes out pretty dense. If you mix in a mixer, then it takes about 20 minutes. From the resultant test, make a ball, spread it with vegetable oil, put it in a bowl and cover with a towel. To put on two hours. The dough is divided into six parts. Each share rolled into a ball and kneaded to get a cake about 15 cm in diameter. Put on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Cover the cakes with vegetable oil and let them come for about 20 minutes. Bake in a preheated oven (220 degrees) for 15 minutes.

Recipe 3 - Pancakes on kefir with cheese and greens

This recipe is based on the technology of cooking Turkish thin cakes with different fillings. Cakes are obtained slightly rubbery and moderately greasy. Such a flat cake with a light filling can become a favorite dish for breakfast for a long time.

Ingredients: for flat cakes - yogurt, yogurt or sour cream - 250 ml; Egg yolk of chicken eggs - 1 piece; Vegetable oil - three tablespoons; Salt - one teaspoonful Without a hill; Flour - 500 gr. For the filling: hard cheese - 100 g; Brynza - about 100 g; Ketchup - sixteen teaspoons; Dill - a bunch; Lettuce leaves;

Preparation: in kefir, sour cream or curdled milk add salt, egg yolk and vegetable oil - mix everything. In the resulting mass add flour and knead until a sufficiently elastic test is obtained. Cover the dough with a film and let it brew for 30-40 minutes. Divide the dough into 16 equal parts. Each share roll in flour and roll until thin slices are obtained. Cakes are obtained in size, approximately, with a patty plate. Put flat cakes on a baking sheet, throw a teaspoon of ketchup on each cake and distribute it evenly over the surface. Brynza crumble and add chopped dill. On the cake put a little brynza filling, sprinkle with grated cheese on top. Place the tortillas in the oven, with a temperature of 200 degrees, bake for about 10 minutes. Cakes should have edges slightly golden in color. Put a sheet of green salad on one side of the cake and cover with a second half.

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