The engine for motoblock "Subaru": characteristics, reviews

Most owners of household plots in our time have at their disposal a motoblock. This technique is universal and in the garden or in the garden is truly indispensable. Delivery of motor blocks to the market can with engines from different manufacturers. This can be the products of both domestic and foreign companies. Very popular today for consumers is, for example, the Japanese engine for the motoblock "Subaru".


Subaru известна в мире благодаря не только своим качественным машинам, но и автомобильным двигателям. Nowadays, the company Subaru is known in the world for not only its quality cars, but also automobile engines. The history of this popular Japanese brand began in 1917. The main specialization of the plant in those days was aircraft construction. After the Second World War, the company retrained and began to supply the market with quality scooters Fuji Rabbit with a 135 cc engine.

Actually the very name of the brand Subaru, in Japanese meaning the star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, was invented by one of the first plant managers - Kenji Quit. It was at the initiative of this entrepreneur that cars were first produced at the enterprise.

Even later, the plant began assembling the engines and engines for small agricultural machinery. любой серии пользуется у фермеров и владельцев приусадебных хозяйств сегодня неизменной популярностью. The engine for motoblock "Subaru" of any series is used by farmers and owners of household plots today unchanged popularity. The technology, equipped with motors from this manufacturer, is characterized simply by excellent performance, reliability and convenience in operation.

The lineup

The engines for motoblocks "Subaru" are presented in our time in a huge assortment. On the market there are motors from this manufacturer of very different designs and capacities. Subaru и по цене. Naturally, the engines of Subaru differ greatly in price. If necessary, you can buy as a professional, very expensive motor of this brand, and ordinary, consumer, at a low cost.

Models of engines "Subaru" on sale today, therefore, there are many. Robin-Subaru EX17 и Subaru-Robin EX21DH. However, the most popular among consumers still use Robin-Subaru EX17 and Subaru-Robin EX21DH. Both models are fully maintainable, easy to operate and reliable.

Subaru engine for motoblock: characteristics

The excellent performance of the engines of this brand is determined, of course, above all by their thoughtful design. In the table below you can see what the technical characteristics are the most popular models of "Subaru".

Characteristics of the most purchased engines for motoblocks "Subaru"

Model / Feature

Robin-Subaru EX17 The Robin-Subaru EX17

линейки EX21DH Subaru engine for the EX21DH

Engine capacity

169 cm 3

211 cm 3

engine's type

4-stroke with overhead camshaft

Type of fuel used

Automobile unleaded petrol

Max power

5.7 l / s

7 l / s

Power rating

4 l / s

5 l / s




Tank capacity

3.6 l

Starting system

Retro starter (electric as an option)


15 kg

16 kg


304x354x335 mm

311x366x335 mm

Positive reviews

Subaru потребители относят: To the unconditional advantages of engines for motoblocks Subaru consumers include:

  • Long service life. Judging by the responses of farmers, to work without the need to replace the engines of this brand can in fact very long. Possible this was primarily due to the fact that when assembling their motors the manufacturer uses cast-iron cast cylinder liners, forged crankshaft and double cyclone element in the cooling system.

  • Low noise level. заслужил двигатель для мотоблока "Субару" линейки EX. In particular, good reviews of farmers and owners of household plots in this regard deserved the engine for the motor block "Subaru" of the EX series. серии прежде всего благодаря тому, что в их конструкцию включены жесткий коленчатый вал и воздушный фильтр нового поколения. The low noise level of the motors of this series is primarily due to the fact that their design includes a rigid crankshaft and a new generation air filter. Also, by its noiselessness, Subaru engines are obliged to the modified profiles of the camshaft and pistons.

  • High degree of reliability. Judging by the feedback available in the network, it is almost never necessary to repair the engines of this brand. благодаря особой форме воздушных каналов в системе охлаждения, а также наличию усиленного коленчатого вала. A high degree of reliability of Subaru engines is achieved, primarily due to the special form of the air ducts in the cooling system, as well as the presence of a strengthened crankshaft.

Very good customer feedback engines of this manufacturer have earned and for low oil consumption. In the design of Subaru engines, among other things, an oil ring of a special configuration is provided. Also, engineers in the development of engines of all the lines have implemented a system of improved crankcase ventilation.

Subaru for motoblock engine: negative reviews

Disadvantages, according to consumers, the motors "Subaru" is practically nonexistent. The only thing, some farmers and owners of household plots consider the minus of this manufacturer's products that it can use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 as fuel.

Also, many consumers attribute the shortcomings of the engines of this brand to the fact that they are rather badly started in the winter. But of course, the minus is unprincipled. After all, in the cold season of the motor blocks in the suburban areas are practically not used. In the summer, however, the motors of this manufacturer, judging by the reviews, work like a clock. Sometimes farmers are displeased with the fact that the fuel tank of these engines can not be poured completely, "to the eyeballs."


Good reviews from consumers engines of this brand, among other things, earned and for the relative ease of maintenance. к примеру (или же любого другого), часто легко устраняются благодаря прежде всего именно высокой степени взаимозаменяемости компонентов конструкции его мотора . Malfunctions of the motor block "Neva" with the engine "Subaru", for example (or any other), are often easily eliminated thanks primarily to the high degree of interchangeability of the components of the construction of its motor . EX17 можно использовать для EX21 и, соответственно, наоборот. If desired, for example, the air filter and the ignition coil from the EX17 model can be used for EX21 and, conversely, vice versa. Of course, maintenance of the engine of this brand, as well as almost any other, can be carried out using a standard set of tools.

When self-repair, the farmer must observe the following simple rules:

  • Remember the location of parts;

  • Store removed parts in a separate box;

  • Store items temporarily collected, etc.

With which motor blocks can be supplied

The engines of this brand can be equipped with a variety of motor blocks. For example, this model is often equipped with such a popular technique for farmers, as:

  • Motoblock "Favorite";

  • Craftsman.

. Often you can see in the market and the popular motoblock "Neva" with the engine "Subaru" . Also, such engines are equipped with the "Salute" technique. этих двух марок на рынке сегодня, кстати, является самыми продаваемыми. Motorbikes of these two brands on the market today, by the way, are the most sold. They are the most popular among farmers.

, как и о «Салюте», имеются хорошие в том числе и потому, что эта техника отличается низким расходом топлива, высокой мощностью и многофункциональностью. Reviews about the motoblock "Neva" with the engine "Subaru" , as well as the "Salute", there are good, including because this technique is characterized by low fuel consumption, high power and multifunctionality. Some farmers consider the lack of "Neva" motorbikes to be only their not particularly large weight. But to the engine it, of course, has almost no relation.

The cost of motors

The price range of the engines of the brand "Subaru", as already mentioned, is very wide. Robin-Subaru EX17, к примеру, стоит в зависимости от поставщика, 15-18 тыс. рублей. The popular model Robin-Subaru EX17, for example, costs depending on the supplier, 15-18 thousand rubles. Robin-Subaru EX17 Premium, цена на которую может доходить до 25 тыс. р. Also on the market today there is a model Robin-Subaru EX17 Premium, the price of which can reach up to 25 thousand rubles.

для мотоблока «Субару» EX21DH, поскольку он имеет большую мощность, стоит несколько дороже Robin-Subaru EX17 — в пределах 19-25 тыс. рублей. The engine for the Subaru moto-unit EX21DH, because it has more power, costs a little more than the Robin-Subaru EX17 - within 19-25 thousand rubles.

Relatively low cost with excellent technical characteristics is, of course, for what, among other things, excellent reviews of the consumers of the motors of this manufacturer have earned. On the market today, of course, there are engines for small agricultural equipment and cheaper. Accordingly, and pay for motoblocks, equipped with them, have less. Subaru считается у фермеров все же более качественной и производительной, чем оснащенная многими другими подобными агрегатами. However, the technique with Subaru engines is considered by farmers to be of higher quality and performance than many other similar units. , к примеру, имеются отличные в том числе и потому, что переплачивать за него, приходится обычно не слишком мног о. Reviews about the motoblock "Neva" with the engine "Subaru" , for example, there are excellent ones, including because it is usually not too much for overpaying for it . реимуществ же владелец участка при этом получает массу. However, the owner of the plot gets a lot of money.

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