What to do on vacation in the city?

Each of us is waiting with trembling that cherished time when you can not go to work, and devote all your free time to your favorite pursuits and yourself, after all. Many in advance plan their vacation, buying permits, and go traveling. But in life there are various unforeseen situations, because of which the trip can not take place. In such cases, one should not lose heart, but it is better to gather your thoughts and think carefully about what to do on vacation in the city.

Action plan

Unfortunately, the most long-awaited time of rest flies very quickly. To enjoy in full every day and to not feel a sense of regret about missed opportunities, it is necessary to draw up a plan. It is possible to distribute measures by importance. It is important to try to stick to this plan by all means. So, before you a blank sheet of paper, and you, as an artist, you can color it in different colors. At first, difficulties may arise with drawing up a plan, but do not despair, in fact, there are many interesting things that vacation homes will turn into the most unforgettable and happy time.

Favorite Activities

Every woman has her own talent. It can be knitting, embroidery, sewing, cooking. Therefore, any woman can find what to do on vacation at home. You can sew some unforgettable outfit or finish what was started a long time, but because of the working days was postponed to the back box. Holidays are a great time to learn something new. Now there is a huge variety of courses. You need to listen carefully and wake up in yourself a creative genius. For example, courses of photography, massage, cosmetology procedures, drawing, driving, dance school. Begin to study yourself and your abilities, and who knows, maybe during your vacation you will discover new horizons - and your life will change radically.

It's about time to take care of yourself.

How to spend a vacation, if you do not want to spend precious time on the learning process? The answer is simple - to do yourself. Beautiful, well-groomed and self-assured woman radiates kindness and disposes people. It's time to visit the cosmetologist's office, change your hairstyle or image. You can do health, go to massage, start playing sports, for example, fitness, yoga. At the same time in the classroom you can get new friends, acquaintances. What to do on vacation, when you have a lot of free time and do not want to sit at home on the couch? In this case, you can safely arrange shopping and pamper yourself with new clothes, and at the same time buy important little things for the house. Thus, you will update the wardrobe and embellish the interior of the apartment. This pastime will not only raise the mood, but also increase self-esteem, and will charge positive energy for a long time.

Family holiday

Vacation is a wonderful time to spend time with your family. What to do on vacation with family and friends? Children need a company of parents, so free time spent with them will certainly bring benefit and pleasure not only to them, but to you. As much as possible talk with the child, walk, visit children's theaters, exhibitions, go to the circus, the zoo. And the evening is suitable for family table games or watching family movies. Also, joint trips to the cinema, evening walks or even a trip for food can give many warm moments, bring the family together. Thus, during the holiday you can strengthen family relationships, settle some misunderstandings. You can go to relatives who have not seen each other for a long time, or, conversely, arrange a dinner party.

We expand our horizons

What to do on vacation with benefit for yourself? Ask yourself how long ago you just walked around the city and looked around at everything? Why not for a short time feel like a tourist and not go on a trip to long familiar places? Feel free to go to the information tourist center, get a guide and mark your route on the map. As an option, you can join a group with a guide and feel like a real tourist. Also, do not forget to arm yourself with a camera so that you can watch your camping trip in the evening with interest. It is possible to study in advance the schedule of exhibitions of local history, art or some non-standard museum. Believe me, during the excursions you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about your city.


Where to go on vacation, if not in nature? The time of year does not matter at all. In summer you can visit the beach or go to the region to the lake, sit around the fire with friends, cook delicious kebabs. Cycling, roller skating, on a boat, catamaran, active outdoor games such as badminton, tennis, beach volleyball will certainly diversify everyday life, and at the same time and strengthen health. In winter, you can go skating, skiing, snowboarding. In the city there are closed areas, which also provide an opportunity to play badminton, tennis, etc. Rest on the nature always has a positive impact not only on the body, but also on the state of mind.

How, with whom and where to spend a vacation, everyone decides for himself. The main thing is that this long-awaited and carefree time left in the soul and memory only warm memories and there was no sense of missed opportunities. Therefore, planning for the holiday should be approached with all seriousness and it is better, of course, to do it in advance.

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