Attractions of Alexandrov, attracting tourists to this locality

Almost in the center of the Golden Ring, 40 kilometers north-east of Sergiev Posad, lies the beautiful city of Alexandrov, which dates back to the time when Prince Vasily III decided to build a country estate on the banks of the Seraya River. The first settlement that arose on this site was called the Great Sloboda. He appeared in the 13th century. Since then, the city has grown and evolved, displaying pages of history in architectural monuments and structures. Attractions of Alexandrov attract a large number of tourists to this town. There are a lot of interesting buildings here, which amaze with their greatness and deserve to be seen.

The most popular sights of the city of Alexandrov include in their list a unique palace and temple complex of the Alexander Kremlin, which in its size is second only to the Moscow Kremlin. One of the main places in it is the Trinity Cathedral, built in 1513. Its facade is decorated with white stone carvings, and the interior - frescoes of the 16th century. No less impressive is the Assumption Church, whose building was erected in the 16th century. Here the cellars located under the building are in good condition. In the immediate vicinity towers the Pokrovskaya tent church, the exact date of construction of which has not yet been established. It is famous for its fresco painting, which has no analogues.

Continuing to consider the sights of Alexandrov religious nature, we can not fail to mention the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, located on Cathedral Square. It is a traditional ark with the main side-chapel for the Nativity of Christ. The bell tower has rooms for christenings.

The list of "Alexandrov's Landmarks" is continued by the Crucifixion church-bell tower, which deserves attention. It is a classic example of a tent old Russian style and reaches a height of 56 meters. At present the building has been restored, the basement, built of white stone, has been restored, the old plaster has been replaced by a new one. The original appearance was preserved only by the tiled antique stove located in the Marfina Chamber.

But Alexandrov's sights are not only unique architectural constructions. There are many interesting museums in the city, among them the Alexander Museum of Art, founded in 1989. Here you can see a huge collection of graphics, decorative and applied art and painting. Works are written by local artists and recognized masters of Russia. Not less interesting is the literary and art museum Tsvetaeva, founded in 1991. There are festivals devoted to poetry, as well as festivals of this kind. Of particular value in the museum are a complete set of manuscripts and things belonging to Anastasia Tsvetaeva.

What else to see when you arrive in the city of Alexandrov? Attractions can be supplemented by numerous monuments, among which a monument to the revolutionaries of 1905, set on Tsareva mountain. Nearby, on Lenin Street, at number 75 is one of the oldest houses in the city, built in the late 18th century in the style of the early Renaissance. Passing along this street towards the station, you can see the house of merchant Rastvorov, decorated with square depressions. The flanks distinguish the paneled blades, and above the windows and below them are the panels. It is impossible to pass him. The end point for the inspection of this settlement can be a city park.

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