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What your Facebook photos say about your personality

You might not have thought about it before, but what your Facebook social network looks like can tell you a lot about your personality, as well as how your brain works.


The researchers found that extroverts and neurotics download a huge number of photos to their Facebook pages. But at the same time, extroverts prefer to frequently change their avatar, while neurotics prefer to simply upload a large number of pictures to different albums. The researchers conducted an experiment with a group of more than one hundred people aged 17 to 55 years. Participants filled out questionnaires about their identity, as well as about their family history. More than seventy percent of the participants were women. After that, the researchers studied how the participants of the experiment interact with their friends in the social network Facebook, as well as what photos are uploaded there and in what quantities. The connection between extraversion and the tendency to download a large number of photographs is unlikely to surprise anyone, but how can the same tendency be explained in neurotics? After all, these people have been characterized by researchers as those who have a temperamental character, as well as a tendency to stress and anxiety.


Neuroticians are in constant diligent search for approval, but they can not be good communicators, they do not have enough social skills for this. Being socially-anxious individuals, they see in the social network Facebook a safe place for self-expression and compensation for their shortcomings in real life. The results of the research show that neurotics are looking for confessions in the network not explicitly, through the intensive addition of photos, to look more attractive and to be more attractive online, and to keep as well as others and to keep up with the modern popular visual culture, and sometimes it can Even grow into addiction.

Sophistication in the network

Researchers also found that more meticulous people in life downloaded more videos and created more diverse thematic albums than those that do not differ in life with extreme care or pedantry. The fact is that such people practice self-discipline, and they are always oriented toward a certain goal. Thus, they tend to organize their workspace, so they are trying to organize and catalog everything in the social network.

Network Relationships

Researchers also noted that the results of the experiment indicate a certain similarity between how a person shapes his relationships in a social network and in real life. For example, the participants in the experiment, who in real life were pleasant, friendly to others, avoided arguments and quarrels, more subscribers were attracted to the social network, their records were collected more by likes. In the Facebook culture, all the marks on the pages, all the comments are a projection on real life, respectively, which means that a person shows interest in another not only as an object on the Internet, but also as a person who is behind the page on the network. That is why relations can be built by analogy with the real.

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