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How to cook rice porridge on milk with nuts and dried fruits?

How to cook rice porridge on milk deliciously and quickly? Surprisingly, not every hostess knows the answer to the question asked. After all, this dish is prepared very rarely today. And this is in vain, because the food from boiled rice, nuts and dried fruits is not less satisfying and tasty than buckwheat, millet, oatmeal or semolina porridge. That is why we present to your attention a step-by-step way of creating this useful dairy dish.

How to cook rice porridge on milk

Necessary ingredients:

  • Clean drinking water - 3 cups;
  • Milk rustic - 3 cups;
  • Round grain rice - 1 full glass;
  • Salt fine sea, sand sugar, ground cinnamon and vanilla - add to your personal taste;
  • Black raisins black - ½ cup;
  • Walnut peeled - ½ cup;
  • Butter, cream ice cream - 65 g.

Processing of cereals

Before you cook rice porridge on milk, you should buy round cereals with a large content of starch (for example, rice "Krasnodar"), carefully sort it and rinse it in a sieve under cold water.

Processing of additional ingredients

To taste tasty rice porridge on milk, it is not enough to buy only the basic components. After all, this dish will turn out to be special only if it is supplemented with such fragrant ingredients as beskostochkovy black raisins and walnuts. These products should be well cleaned of debris, washed and soaked in steep boiling water for 30-40 minutes. Further, they are required to rinse again and maximally deprive the liquid.

Heat treatment of the dish

Tasty rice porridge on milk is prepared as follows: it is necessary to pour in fatty rustic milk and purified drinking water in a saucepan and bring them to a boil on very low heat. After that, it is required to pour round-grain rice into the liquid and mix it immediately so that it does not stick to the bottom. To cook such groats should without a cover on a slow gas along with added salt and granulated sugar (on personal taste). In this case, it is recommended to stir the porridge every 2-5 minutes of cooking. The readiness of such a dish is determined by the softness of rice and its viscosity in general. It should be noted that if desired, this porridge can be made either liquid, adding a glass of milk more, or very thick, reducing the amount of liquid.

The final stage in the preparation

After the dish reaches the desired consistency, it is required to pour in an inexhaustible raisin, a walnut, as well as ground cinnamon, vanilla and butter. Then all the ingredients must be mixed, covered with a lid and wrapped in a casserole in a dense blanket. In this situation, dishes with a dish are recommended to stand for 45 minutes. During this time, the porridge will cool slightly, absorb the aromas of spices and other ingredients, and it will reach the desired viscosity.

How to serve a dairy dish correctly

Now you know how to cook rice porridge on milk, to make it as tasty, hearty and fragrant as possible. Serve this dish preferably in a warm form in deep serving plates.

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