How to make a hydraulic handbrake with your own hands on the VAZ?

Independently for the purposes of tuning, you can make a hydraulic handbrake. The VAZ of any model is equipped with a hydraulic brake system, but the parking rope structure. This worsens performance, since the cable has the property of stretching, so the efficiency of the handbrake is reduced. And the drum brakes themselves have little reliability.

The efficiency of braking is extremely low. But for the full operation of the hydraulic handbrake it is necessary that the rear wheels have disc brakes. The second, the negative side - under the SDA is prohibited to make changes to the braking system. Therefore, in carrying out this modernization, you act at your own peril and risk.

The main purpose

It is possible to install and adjust the hydraulic handbrake on the VAZ-2109 independently, having certain skills and tools. Despite the prohibitions, such designs can be found on sale and make installation on any make and model of the car. All work is preferably carried out on the inspection pit or lift. With the help of a hydraulic handbrake, you will be able to greatly improve the efficiency of the brake system. The design provides for a regulator, which allows you to distribute the force between the front and rear contours. The regulator allows and prevents the complete blocking of the rear wheels.

What can a hydraulic handbrake do?

With this design of the handbrake, you can completely block the rear wheels to carry out the heating of the rubber on the front axle. This will be useful for fans of racing. For simple drivers, locking will be useful to reduce the chance of skidding when cornering on wet roads. The device is mounted near the handbrake lever so that it can be easily accessed. If the regulator is installed correctly, then the force on the rear brake will be distributed smoothly, and the efficiency of the front brakes will increase.

Hydraulic handbrake

In car shops you can purchase a set of hydraulic handbrake. You can install it with your own hands, but you will need several additional elements:

  1. Washers of copper for brakes in the amount of 10 pcs.
  2. Metal tubes in the amount of 5 pcs. To save a little, you can buy a complete set for cars "Gazelle".
  3. Caps.
  4. The twists.
  5. Brake hoses for VAZ-2101-2107.
  6. Tee for the brake system.
  7. Plastic clamps-screeds in the amount of 50 pcs.
  8. Brake regulator for cars VAZ of any model.
  9. GTZ for VAZ-2101. If this is not the case, then you can use any other cylinder.

In addition, it will require the presence of brake fluid for subsequent refueling of the system. After all, the alteration includes a sidebar in the brake lines of the additional circuit.

Preparatory work

Before the start of tuning, you need to get rid of the old, imperfect system. For this, the mechanical drive is completely dismantled. Please note that after installing the hydraulic handbrake, the operating scheme of the caliper drive will change completely. If by default the two mechanisms worked pairwise, which are located on wheels located diagonally, then after the re-arrangement the circuit will be axial (rear and front). But before installing a hydraulic handbrake, you need to remove the old one.

How to dismantle a handbrake cable

To carry out the dismantling of the old handbrake, several actions are required:

  1. Install the car on the flyover, observation pit or lift. It all depends on what kind of amenities you have. If there are no such amenities, it is better not even to start working.
  2. The rear part of the car should be raised on the jack, having pre-installed the stops under the front wheels.
  3. Install support under the rear beam.
  4. Since the hydraulic handbrake can be installed and with drum brakes, the design can not be greatly changed. Remove the wheels and drums from the rear axle.
  5. In order not to interfere, dismantle the resonator and muffler.
  6. Remove from the traction equalizer.
  7. Dismantle the cable, removing it from the pads on both wheels.
  8. Now you need to make some manipulations in the car. Open the access to the lever of the hand lever and unscrew the fasteners. Then completely remove it from the seat.

Now you can start installing a new system, for this you can use one of two popular methods.

Method of installation No. 1

To establish a hydraulic handbrake on the VAZ, according to experts, it is possible in two ways. The simplest and most accessible implies the following manipulations:

  1. In the engine compartment, another brake cylinder must be installed. Ideal for the master cylinder clutch from the car VAZ-2101.
  2. Remove the expansion tank for the brake fluid.
  3. You will need to make a small adapter yourself. Cut the thread and install the washer (there must be a thread for the fitting).

The assembly of the entire system starts from the home GTZ to the clutch cylinder, then to the regulator, the handle, the contour of the rear brakes. To connect all the components together, use the tubes from the car "Gazelle". Just choose the ones that fit in size. Fastening of tubes is made to those places to which the cable of a manual brake was fixed.

Installation method No. 2

First you need to do a few manipulations under the hood:

  1. Twist the tube, which goes to the left brake mechanism and put a plug on it.
  2. Twist the tube going to the front right wheel. Install it into the hole intended for the right rear brake.

Before starting work, be sure to drain all liquid. Try to do everything carefully, so as not to damage the hydraulic mechanisms. Try not to let any liquid get on the metal, as it will eat it. Further actions:

  1. Between the seats, install a new handbrake.
  2. Install the bolt instead of the control pendulum. Fasten to the bottom of the body. For the time being it is recommended to remove the front seats, so that they do not interfere with and do not get dirty during the work.
  3. From the engine compartment a pipe is laid along the bottom to a new hand.
  4. On the bottom in the cabin, lay the pipes from the regulator.
  5. Select the dimensions of the tube and install them on the rear axle.
  6. On the rear beam on the bracket, secure the flexible hose.
  7. Be sure to put a ring of rubber so that the hose does not wipe during operation. To be more comfortable to wear, cut this ring.
  8. Connect the hose to the pipes. To fix metal tubes, use plastic clamps-ties.

Completion of work on the second method

Try not to allow the hose to twist during the repair. This can lead to damage and fluid leakage. First, you need to tighten the edge on which the thread is external. After the inner thread is tightened. How to make a hydraulic handbrake yourself? The final stage looks like this:

  1. Lock the position of the new system, check the tightness of all screw connections.
  2. Fill the expansion tank with the brake fluid.
  3. Bump the system according to the scheme from the far cylinder to the nearer. In time, top up the liquid in the tank. Otherwise, the pumping will have to be carried out again.
  4. Check the operation of the brake system. Is the calipers squeezed out?

After collect all the dismantled components - replace the wheels. Before the first trip, make sure that the brakes are working properly. If there is a problem, fix it immediately. At the first trip, do not accelerate to high speed, so that you can stop the car at least with the engine. All of the above methods are suitable for installing a hydraulic handbrake with your own hands on the VAZ of any model, as well as on cars of other manufacturers (including foreign ones).

Cost of tuning

Now it's time to compile a detailed estimate of the parts used during the tuning of the brake system. The price of all components may differ, depending on whether you acquire new or second-hand. Approximate cost:

  1. Brake hydraulic assembly - the cost of about 2700 rubles. You can find cheap Chinese copies, but if you should trust them - decide for yourself. The quality of such products is very often low.
  2. The regulator is 400-500 rubles.
  3. Tubes brake for the car "Gazelle" - 300-400 rubles.
  4. The clutch cylinder (main) for the classics is about 450-500 rubles.
  5. And small consumables - washers from copper, plastic clamps-ties, a brake hose VAZ-2101, a liquid - all will spend approximately 500-600 rubles.

By modest measures, the cost of tuning will cost about 5000 rubles. If this is a lot for you, then give up this idea and just install a new wire rod instead of the stretched old one. It is recommended to get acquainted with the advice of specialists before the beginning of the work, to communicate with those who have already done similar work. They will be able to give you a lot of practical advice on improving the braking system on a particular car.

Do I need rear disc brakes?

The answer is ambiguous, as the disc brakes have obvious advantages over the drum brakes. If you are doing the tuning of the system, do not be too lazy and put the disks on the rear axle. Advantages of them even in small things - to replace the pads is much easier than on the drum (and the cost of the kit is lower). The rear wheels of VAZ cars with a front-wheel drive are ideal for the wheels from the model 2109. Redesigns to a minimum, everything becomes like "native". But if you have limited budget for tuning, then you can use a standard system. The drum brakes work relatively well, and the use of hydraulics will permanently save you from having to pull the cable. And under any bias the car will stand upright, without slipping.


Completion of this is very interesting, and anyone can do it, the good of materials and tools for this on sale is complete. In addition, you can buy a ready-made kit for a specific car, which will include not only a hydraulic handbrake, but also all the system of pipes and hoses, you will only have to connect everything and pump the brakes. The cost of such a design will be higher, but the reliability will be good. If you think that you can not master the work, you better abandon it and give the car to experienced masters who will do everything at the highest level. After all, your life and health depend on the quality of work of brakes.

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