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How and what to treat the red throat in children?

In small children, tonsils are the main protection against bacteria and viruses. At the slightest infection and even from the inhalation of polluted air, they can become inflamed. Therefore, the most frequent disease in children is redness of the throat. If this symptom is accompanied by weakness, fever or loss of appetite, it is better to show the baby to the doctor. He will advise what to treat the red throat in children.

First of all, parents need to determine why the child's throat is red. If this happens after inhaling the cold air, hypothermia, after the child has soaked his feet or ate ice cream, the baby has caught cold. It is also possible that he contracted a viral infection. In this case, antibiotics can not be used, since They do not fight with viruses.

But many parents are interested in the question: how to treat the red throat in children independently? After all, redness often causes pain, perspiration and other unpleasant sensations. Therefore, immediately start giving the baby as often as possible a warm drink, you can use special candies or sucking tablets with eucalyptus, lemon or sage. Antiseptic sprays also help.

The best remedy for redness has long been considered to rinse the throat with antiseptic solutions or herbal decoctions. But for many children this is a big problem. Than to treat a red throat at children who can not rinse it or him? You can water the neck of a baby from a syringe or syringe. For this, it is better to use broths of chamomile, sage or marigold.

A compress on the throat from warm fat cottage cheese or inhalation over boiled potatoes helps a lot. It is also recommended to prepare a baby such a medicine: add a spoonful of licorice broth and three rastolchennye tablets "Mukaltina" in half a cup of water. This medicine will not harm the baby and helps a lot from the redness of the throat.

You need to give your child a warm drink: tea with raspberries, honey or a decoction of chamomile. Keep track of the baby's nutrition: it should be high-calorie, easily digestible and tasty. But exclude foods that irritate the neck, for example, acidic fruit or soda.

It is very important to maintain the cleanliness in the room where the child is. Daily do wet cleaning and ventilate the room. It is desirable to moisten the air, Which the baby is breathing. Teach your child to rinse your mouth after eating and brush your teeth, because germs multiply rapidly in the mouth.

The youngest children, who can not spray their throats with aerosols and suck lollipops, can lubricate it. You need to do this very carefully before eating. Use only your finger and a cotton swab dipped in rose hips, eucalyptus, sea buckthorn or propolis oil.

If you notice that these methods do not help, and the very red throat in the child is still bothering him, then you should definitely consult a doctor and be treated with more serious medications. Redness of the throat may be a symptom of the onset of scarlet fever, measles or diphtheria. Starting to give the baby antiviral drugs is only necessary for the doctor's prescription.

Many parents believe that they know what to treat the red throat in children. But often self-treatment leads to complications, especially in young children. Therefore, you should always consult with your doctor.

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