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How to disaccustom the child to write on a bed at night in 2, 3, 4 years, at 5, 6 years, folk methods?

When the baby is still very small, all problems with the toilet are solved by a diaper. He is worn both day and night. If he is quality, then the baby will sleep until morning. However, there comes a time when the child begins to accustom to the pot.


There are different methods. Some recommend dropping out children as early as possible, others do not hurry up with the acquisition of this skill. However, further follows the period when the child is no longer in the diaper. That's when things begin to happen during sleep. In the daytime, when the child is awake, he can express himself the desire to go to the toilet or this time he can guess. However, during sleep, it is not always possible to find out exactly when to drop the baby on the pot. Parents, as well as grandparents, begin to worry, but everything is ok with the child. And they are wondering about how to wean the child to write to bed at night.

Features in the formation of the body

Before proceeding to the recommendations and techniques, it is necessary to clarify one rather important point in the formation of the organism. The child's brain is not able to control the process of urination at the age of one and a half to two years. The organism simply has not yet grown to the point of controlling its urges. Incontinence during the night, as well as during daytime sleep, is absolutely normal in children whose age does not exceed six years. According to statistics, even after overcoming the 6th year of life, about ten percent of children still periodically encounter such problems. Otherwise, this phenomenon can not be named. Bedwetting really sooner or later becomes a problem.

All members of the family are excited about the question of how to wean a child to write at night to bed, since this brings a lot of inconvenience. The sleep of the baby becomes alarming. He does not want to sleep in a wet state, and he can not change his bed yet. To help, of course, parents come. And in the morning, all the members of the family are affected by the lack of sleep and a restless night. If the process and completely out of control, the child begins to drive the doctors. As a rule, this brings little results.

Wait for growing up

How to disaccustom a child to write at night to bed? Where to begin? First of all, it is recommended to just wait until the child is ready both morally and physically. Even if the children have already learned to control their needs during the day to go to the toilet, this does not mean that the same will happen at night. As they say, everything has its time. In the meantime, it is necessary to take all measures to prevent this phenomenon from becoming a problem.

Nervous condition of the baby

Thinking about how to disaccustom a child to write on the bed at night at any age, it is necessary, first of all, to establish a quiet atmosphere in the house. After all, the problem can be psychological as well. Perhaps there is fear or night fear, fear of darkness or nightmares, which the child dreams of. All this can be provoked by a troubled environment. If a child visits a kindergarten, you should observe him after he returns home. Maybe it is there that there are any events that make the baby nervous.

The same thing needs to be clarified if the question of how to wean a child to write to bed at night at an older age is of interest. In the meantime, the psychological state of the baby is improving, it is necessary to protect, for example, a mattress. It is better to use a special cover, which prevents the penetration of moisture inside. If the child is still small, it is convenient to put a disposable diaper. She instantly absorbs all the moisture, while the bed and the bed will remain dry and clean. Interchangeable underwear and pajamas must be prepared in the evening and put near the bed.

Reduce the amount of liquid

How to disaccustom the child to write at night on a bed in 2 years? When starting to solve the problem, it is necessary initially to reduce the amount of liquid that is used later in the evening. Drinking, of course, you need, but it's better to do small sips. It's not the quantity, but the frequency that matters. If a child drinks one or two sips a couple of times in the last hour before going to bed, then the likelihood is that most of the liquid will be absorbed by the body without the remainder. It is also recommended to put the baby on the pot immediately before going to bed, an hour after putting it and still in the middle of the night.

At this age it is difficult to explain to the child what exactly it is necessary to do, therefore the main responsibility for the schedule rests with the parents. According to statistics, a small number of children in two years are able to control the process of urination, not only at night, but also during the day. At this time, all problems are solved by putting on a diaper.

What to do in three years?

A year later, each parent notices what a striking change occurs with the baby. In many ways he becomes very adult. But hardly it's about surprises in bed. So how to wean a child to write to bed at 3 years old? With the baby it is already necessary to speak on this subject. Observing the recommendations on drinking regimen, as well as dropping the baby on the pot according to the advice, you can gradually wean him to write on the bed.

Folk remedies

If time goes on, but nothing changes at all, then parents again ask themselves how to wean a child to write to bed at night. Folk remedies are the best assistant. Many healers recommend turning to grass for help. However, if the child has an allergic reaction, then such a method can only harm him.

Before using any medication, it is absolutely necessary to consult a pediatrician. If he allows the use of folk methods, then you can try one of them. For example, if you give your child a diuretic after dinner, then by evening, his need and frequency of trips to the toilet will drop. But still, how to disaccustom a child to write at night in bed? People's methods that help in this matter are different. For example, put the baby in a bath with sea salt before bed. The water temperature should be within 37 degrees. The salt should be dissolved according to the instructions. Such procedures calms the nervous system, and also prevent the infection of the urinary tract.

You can also take a bath with a decoction of parsley. To do this, you should fry two tablespoons of the dried plant in half a liter of boiling water. Insist for thirty minutes and add to the bath. It is also useful to apply flowers of marigold, chamomile, mint, string. After taking a warm bath, the child must necessarily go to the toilet and do not drink until sleep. Such simple methods can not work right away. However, if there are no other, serious reasons for night incontinence, then soon such a problem will disappear altogether. And the whole family will breathe a sigh of relief.

In 4 years

Asking about how to wean a child to write at night on a bed at 4 years, it should be understood that this age is also considered to be early for controlling the process of urination. When there is no problem as such, and only occasionally there are occasions that are often associated with drinking plenty of liquid before going to bed, it is not worth worrying at all. If the enuresis still torments the baby, and worries his parents, then you should visit the pediatrician to find out what the real cause of this phenomenon is.

Strong experience

It so happens that the child himself completely controlled the process of urination, including during the night, when suddenly the problem appeared as if from nowhere. It should be reviewed, which could change in the usual routine of the day of the baby. It happens that the cause is quite normal. For example, very often children at the age of five and older begin to write in bed at night, shortly after the appearance of a brother or sister in the family. At first glance, the occasion for joy becomes the cause of such a problem.

The fact that deep in the shower baby, most likely, strongly worried. Perhaps he is afraid that his parents will stop loving him and pay him attention. At such moments, despite the complexity of the situation associated with the birth of a newborn in the house, you should maximally support the older child. Parents are advised to allocate time, which they can spend exclusively with him. It is also necessary to practice joint walks, reading fairy tales and everything that can bring people together. At this point, you should show your child all his love, despite the fact that the second child can take most of the time and energy.

Five years

The next age period in children is very important for the formation of the correct regime. And, as a rule, it is then that parents are interested in the question of how to wean a child to write at night to bed. 5 years is the point where the baby's brain is ready to control urination. Even if in the beginning there will still be trouble, then closer to six years, this problem should disappear. For this to happen, you should first observe the child.

If night incontinence is not permanent, and it happens only sometimes, then this can be considered the norm. At this age, you need to help the kid set his schedule. To do this, you should drop it on the pot a few hours after falling asleep. This is the best way how to wean a child to write at night on a bed in 5 years.

There is much debate about whether or not to wake a baby during the process. Some argue that this is a prerequisite for conscious urination, others argue differently. How to do it in reality, everyone decides for themselves. It is not necessary to think that if parents planted the child in a sleepy state on a pot, then he will unconsciously perform urination in a dream. If this happens, it is not for this reason.

In six years

Parents of preschool children are often interested in the question of how to wean a child to write at night to bed. 6 years old is the age when children already independently control their needs. Including nighttime urination. Children who have reached this age mark, the brain signal about this need works quite clearly. However, if the problem still exists, you should always consult a pediatrician, and also exclude the presence of psychological conflicts associated with close people in the environment.


Now it is clear how to wean a child to write to bed at night. The solution to this problem should be approached in a comprehensive manner. And it is necessary to begin with the usual observation of the child's behavior. For example, if a child during the game involuntarily touches the genitals, then most likely, it is something that excites or prevents him.

In this case, a thorough examination of the entire body is necessary. Perhaps at some point hygiene was disrupted, which could lead to inflammation. You also need to observe the behavior of the child, whether she has changed. If in the movements of the baby there is stiffness or nervousness, it is necessary to be very cautious to ask what is bothering or angering him. It is necessary to exclude all factors that can provoke bedwetting. It should also be taken into account that this phenomenon has a hereditary character. Therefore, perhaps you just have to wait until the child grows up and cope with their needs.

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