Russian charter airline "Ay Flay"

When planning an overseas holiday, special attention should be paid to the choice not only of the tour operator, but also of the air carrier. Not so long ago, the carrier of the "A Fly" appeared on the Russian market of charter shipments. Potential passengers, of course, are interested in the question:! I fly (airline) - whose airline? "Reviews about the carrier also have considerable significance. What is important for passengers to know?

Airline I fly: history

The airline was founded in 2009. Its main purpose at that time was to perform charter flights for the tour operator "Tez Tour." The certificate of the operator it received on October 30, but the first flight was carried out on December 4. It was carried out from the Moscow airport Vnukovo on the route "Moscow-Antalya". Since that moment, the airline "A Fly" is based in Vnukovo.

Since 2010, the route network has gradually expanded: flights to Egypt have been added to the timetable. In 2013 the enterprise was recognized as the best charter carrier and awarded with the diploma of the Russian award "Wings of Russia". In April 2015, the airline starts operating flights from Vnukovo to China to the settlements of Xian, Tianjin and Shenyang.

In the summer of 2016, the company started serious problems: Rosaviatsiya limited the validity period of the operational certificate. The fact is that the aircraft fleet of the enterprise is not that big. Passengers who purchased air tickets of this carrier were not always sent to their destinations, and sometimes even transplanted to flights of other companies with significant delays. Initially, the expiration date of the certificate was set July 15, and then it was postponed to August 1. August 10, it was decided to extend the certificate until October. However, by the end of September, the restrictions were completely abolished.

"A Fly" (airline): aircraft fleet

In 2009, the company's aircraft fleet consisted of only 3 Boeing 757-200 aircraft. But in 2010 it was supplemented by additional 4 long-haul airliners "Airbus A330-300". By 2014, there were 7 aircrafts in the fleet: 2 "Airbus A330-300" and 5 "Boeing 757-200". By 2016, two Boeing 757-200 aircraft were decommissioned.

About 20 years is today the average age of airliners owned by the airline "A Fly." Aircraft included in the fleet are the following:

  • "Airbus A330-300" - 2 aircraft (with layouts for 387 passengers),
  • Boeing 757-200 - 2 aircraft (with layouts for 221 and 235 passengers).

In addition, it was ordered 2 more aircraft, but their type is not yet specified.

Classes of service

Airplane "A Fly" on its planes carries out servicing of passengers of economy class. There are no other service classes. This also applies to the reservation of seats in the cabin. They are provided to passengers during the registration procedure.

In flight passengers are offered a choice menu consisting of three different dishes. During the purchase of an air ticket a passenger can order special food, for example, vegetarian or children's. When traveling with children, passengers are provided with warm blankets. Smoking during the flight (including electronic cigarettes) is strictly prohibited.


Passengers are entitled to free baggage transportation, the weight of which does not exceed 20 kg. In addition, hand baggage is permitted if its weight is not more than 5 kg, and the dimensions for the sum of three measurements are 115 cm. If the passenger travels with a child under 2 years, the airline allows the carriage to be carried free of charge, as well as additional baggage not more than 10 Kg.

In excess of the established norms, passengers are obliged to pay for the carriage of excess baggage (the amount of overpayment varies from 10 to 20 euros depending on the direction). If passengers bag ski or snowboards and their weight is not more than 15 kg per passenger, an additional payment is not required.

Registration for flights

You can register for the carrier's flights to Vnukovo 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure. It is also worth remembering that the registration is completed 40 minutes before the departure of the aircraft. If passengers are sent to Russia from other countries, the time of beginning and completion of registration should be known in advance from the tour operator. Online service for registration is not provided.


In 2016, the airline "A Fly" performs flights to the following countries:

  • Italy (Verona);
  • Belgium (Liege);
  • China (Xi'an, Tianjin, Shenyang).

Also flights from Moscow are made to Simferopol airport.

What do passengers think about the airline?

In general, travelers are positive about the work of the airline. In particular, they note the professionalism of the crew and the good quality of food provided in flight. Armchairs in the cabin are located at a perfectly acceptable distance from each other, which does not create discomfort to passengers. There are also negative reviews. They are connected for the most part with delays in departures that have occurred recently due to a shortage of aircraft.


Airline "A Fly" is one of the best Russian charter carriers. The company was established in 2009. In the aircraft fleet to date, there are 4 airliners. On board there is only one service class - economic. Passengers are generally positive about the quality of the services provided by the carrier. However, in recent times, due to the shortage of aircraft, frequent delays have occurred. This led to the fact that Rosaviatsia planned to withdraw the certificate of the operator. But after the settlement of the situation, its validity was extended again.

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