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For many tourists the eastern journey is associated with beauties, sweets and bright apparels. But these are just images, inspired by books and television movies. Now, any acquaintance with the real East begins already from the moment of landing on the liner. In this case, the airline Royal Air Maroc can safely be called a guide to the world of the Arabian fairy tale.

The history of the origin of the main air carrier in Morocco

Air carrier Royal Air Maroc is one of the oldest in Africa. The company's year of formation can be considered the middle of the last century, since then the air carrier only strengthened its position as the best representative of civil aviation in Morocco.

Casablanca is considered to be the base airport of the company, but now Royal Air Maroc actively uses Marrakech and Tangier with these goals. In recent years, the flow of tourists to Morocco has increased significantly, this has provided the airline with the expansion of routes and the recognition of foreign travelers.

The last few years have been very successful for the Moroccan air operator. Casablanca confidently confirms its status as an international trade center, and the number of tourists has increased to ten million people a year. This allowed Royal Air Maroc to engage in charter and cargo air services. All this significantly increased the company's profits and raised its status.

Direction of air transportation

At the moment, the route card Royal Air Maroc has expanded significantly, now it's eighty destinations. Flights are divided into European and African. Of the total number of flights to Africa, the air carrier makes more than twenty-two routes. Most often these are flights to the following countries:

  • Congo;
  • Algeria;
  • Tunisia, etc.

Passenger traffic in these areas annually increases by several times.

In the European direction, priority flights are:

  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • France.

Royal Air Maroc and the American continent have not overlooked their attention. She works with the United States and almost all countries of South America. It should be noted that the airline strives to expand the geography of its flights and actively strengthens its position on the Russian air transportation market.

In 2011, Russia signed an agreement with Royal Air Maroc. Moscow became the first Russian city with which the company established air service. Now the number of Russian tourists in Morocco has reached two hundred and fifty people a year, and this figure is rapidly increasing.

Servicing passengers on board airliners

I would like to note that Royal Air Maroc is a very loyal carrier. Passengers always leave rave reviews about him. In general, like other air operators, the Moroccan company provides services in two categories: economy and business class.

Passengers flying in business class have at their disposal an extended salon, comfortable massage chairs, as well as an expanded choice of food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages.

The economy class on routes Royal Air Maroc is served with no less attention. Passengers also receive several food options to choose from and a variety of entertaining games. In addition, on board you can watch a movie and listen to music.

The airline always treats children with great attention. In addition to the standard set of entertainment, kids are given books, coloring books, table games and markers with pencils. And all this goes as a gift from the airline.

In addition, the air carrier is quite loyal to the flights of children unaccompanied by adults. On board can take a child between the ages of four and twelve years with a specially issued permit. Sending a child alone, parents can be absolutely sure that Royal Air Maroc employees will take care of their favorite child, and he will safely arrive at the final destination.

Airline Features

Already a few years ago, the main Moroccan air carrier launched its loyalty program and allows passengers to accumulate miles for purchased tickets.

In the main airport of the air carrier, passengers can use the services of the VIP-lounge. Here you can relax comfortably, watch TV and use the free internet. There are also several restaurants and cafes, where you can order a free lunch.

Royal Air Maroc: Representative Office in Moscow

Since the company is actively developing and establishing relations with many countries, it has managed to open two offices in Moscow. The main office is located on Cow Valley, here you can always buy air tickets on Royal Air Maroc routes. The representative office, which is very popular, is located in the international airport Sheremetyevo. In the office of the air carrier you can always buy tickets, get the necessary information and advice from employees working in Russia.

Royal Air Maroc: customer reviews

Those who have never used the services of this air carrier can form an opinion about it, according to the passengers' feedback. They can reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of the company, and also thanks to customer comments it is easy to conduct an independent comparative analysis of various air carriers from around the world.

As in everything, in the activity of Royal Air Maroc, you can identify the obvious pros and cons. Almost all passengers note that the company is good enough, but has a number of shortcomings:

  • The old aircraft fleet (it's long overdue for airlines to change to newer ones than the company's management is already beginning to actively engage);
  • Problems with connecting flights (experienced passengers are not advised to use this air carrier for routes with transfers, there may be serious delays);
  • Low class of service (according to the world scale, Royal Air Maroc has only two stars).

All these shortcomings are significantly overlapped by the big pluses of the air operator:

  • Excellent service on board (all staff are extremely polite and considerate);
  • Knowledge of several languages (internal policy of personnel selection provides knowledge of the languages of almost every country with which Royal Air Maroc has air communication);
  • High quality of food and beverages;
  • Diversified entertainment, which greatly facilitate long flights.

In general, the airline shows itself on the positive side and strives to improve the quality of its services.

Air carrier Royal Air Maroc is an excellent developing company, which only begins to work in the Russian market, but has already managed to win its fans and loyal customers.

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