Landing at the airport of Rhodes - where to go next?

Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece, on which several large cities are located, and in each of them there is something interesting. So where do you go by landing at Rhodes Airport?

The first thing that comes to mind is the city of the same name, located half an hour's drive from the island's main air harbor. Of course, in the first place here they go for beach rest, but there are interesting sights. There is a famous perfumery market, an aquarium, the Rhodes Fortress, a part of the World Heritage List, the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite. It was here that the famous Colossus of Rhodes was located - one of the wonders of the world that has not survived to this day. The architecture of both the city and the whole island is interesting, as Rhodes was at various times the territory of various states: the Byzantine Empire, Turkey, Italy and, of course, Greece. By the way, the name of the airport of Rhodes - "Diagoras" - was given in honor of the once living athlete, twice Olympic champion in fisticuffs. Distinguished and his descendants: two sons and three grandsons Also became winners of the Olympics. And in history his name was immortalized by one of the most famous poets of the time - Pindar.

In addition to architecture, there are other attractions. A separate mention worthy of the beaches, which is famous for the island of Rhodes. The airport is in the northern part, and most of the hotels are in the southeast. Most of the beaches year after year receive the so-called "blue flags" - a sign showing the high quality and cleanliness of places of rest and swimming, for example, the famous Simi.

An excellent opportunity to learn more about the country gives the island of Rhodes (Greece). The airport, by the way, is not the only harbor connecting it with the "big earth", there is still water transport, and in many directions and with a fairly intensive traffic. So, bored during the rest or even at the airport of Rhodes, only after arriving and having looked around, you can decide to go for a couple of days to Turkey or to other Greek islands, because it is easy to do, using numerous ferries.

By the way, it was in Rhodes that the world-famous Nika of Samothrace was sculpted , which is now in the Louvre. In ancient times, many cultural and art figures, speakers, philosophers lived here.

Other interesting places of the island include the city of Lindos, which is already 3 thousand years old, the valley of butterflies, where in summer a large number of these insects, 7 sources, as well as a very interesting place - Prasonisi peninsula, which from time to time becomes an island. It is here that the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. Coming here, it should be remembered that it is always very windy, which is why this place is extremely popular among surfers.

Rhodes is not too big an island, in a few days it can visit all the most interesting places, swim and rest for future use. Therefore, landing at the airport of Rhodes, even for a transplant, it is worth giving yourself a day to enjoy local beauties, beaches and the sea. It's not for nothing that many tourists who once visited here, strive to return here again and again.

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