Düsseldorf Airport is the third largest in Germany

Those who are going to fly to this city should know that in Düsseldorf there are three airports. These are Weeze, Düsseldorf International Airport and Moenchen-gl. - Dus Exp. The last and the smallest serves only domestic flights.

Düsseldorf International Airport

The air gates of the city of Duesseldorf International are considered to be the largest docking hub not only for those who come from Europe, but also for residents of many other continents. This international airport of Düsseldorf is large, comfortable and beautiful. From here, flights are made in all directions around the world. Being today the third largest in the country, this airport in Düsseldorf until the nineties of the last century was second, but as a result of restrictions, its further development was suspended. Therefore today, these air gates have a relatively short - at three thousand meters - a strip that does not allow the landing of large aircraft.


The airport (Düsseldorf), the navigation scheme of which is quite simple and accessible, was opened in 1927. Here in 1936 they began to create hangars and workshops of the Luftwaffe base, under the command of which, with the beginning of the Second World, all flights were transferred. However, in 1943, Düsseldorf airport, being the target of Allied air raids, was completely destroyed.

After the restoration work, five years later, civilian airplanes were repaired from here. But in 1996 there was a big fire here. Terminal airport was completely destroyed by fire, killing seventeen people. As a result, the surviving parts of the airport had to be demolished due to the high concentration of dangerous poisonous substances.

The new terminal was commissioned in two years. It was then that he was given his current name - Düsseldorf International Airport, whose website details all the services that are offered in it.

How to get there

You can get to this train station by commuter trains EC, ICE and I, as well as by a local train that stops at the third terminal. The airport Düsseldorf can be reached by bus. Directly at the building there are two stops: one at the exit from the arrival hall, the other is closer to the railway Düsseldorf Airport station. The schedule and numbers of necessary buses can be found on the spot.

Airport, Düsseldorf: scheme

This modern and stylish airport is located eight kilometers from the city center. Between the passenger terminal there is a monorail monorail SkyTrain car trail, and comfortable elevators and ramps allow people to travel around the territory to people with disabilities.

The time of waiting for the flight to Duesseldorf International flies by unnoticed. Restaurants, a shopping arcade, kiosks, numerous coffee shops for every taste, a comfortable recreation area from where you can not only watch the take-off and landing aircraft, but work at the computer - all these services can be used by passengers arriving at the airport in Dusseldorf. The terminal building itself is very original: the constructions assembled from light silvery metal, combined with glass, make it very light, stylish and modern, and very reliable.

On the territory of Duesseldorf International Airport there are several parking lots, which accommodate about twenty thousand cars. Departing for several days, you can leave your "iron horse" on one of them. In the airport building there are ticket offices, where you can buy tickets to any resort in the world.

Düsseldorf-Wiese Airport

This airport, although it has in its name the name of the city of Dusseldorf, is located from it at a fairly decent distance - seventy-five kilometers to the northeast, closer to the border of the Netherlands. For many Russians, Wese (or Wiese) is the cheapest transfer point for flights to Europe.


The terminal building is a small two-story building. On the ground floor there is a zone of inspection, arrival and registration, a small cafe. In one wing there are a few seats for rest and a children's hills, and in the other there are a children's room, tourist offices and information desk. In the central part of the building there is an office where you can rent a car.

On the second floor there is a 24-hour pizzeria, there is a coffee shop and a conference hall. There is also a small outdoor terrace, where you can, while waiting for your flight, to watch the airplanes on the airfield.

As evidenced by numerous reviews, due to the limited number of registration areas, long lines are constantly being built here before each flight. From other minuses travelers name absence of items for currency exchange. Smoking in the terminal building is not allowed.

How to get to Vez-Düsseldorf Airport

The second official name of this airport is Niederrhein Weeze Airport, which in German means "lower Rhine", by the name of the region in which it is located. It can be reached by train, shuttle, taxi and own car. From Dusseldorf to Veza seven or eight times a day, from the central station of the city, a bus leaves. The cost of the trip is fourteen euros, and the duration is a little over an hour. The most recent flight departs at 23 hours and 45 minutes. However, this mode of transport also has its drawbacks: buses depart fairly rarely, in addition, on the way to their very often traffic jams occur. The train can be reached from Kevalara Train Station.

Parking area

Near the airport building Dusseldorf-Weeze there are two parking spaces. The first is located directly opposite the building, and the second is a little further away. It is divided into two parts of 3800 and 2200 seats.

For the mourners or those who meet is suitable short-term parking right in front of the building. The first five minutes of parking on it are free, and then for every subsequent half hour you need to pay three euros.

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