Irkutsk International Airport is the junction of world flights

Today, Irkutsk International Airport is considered a point of intersection of regional and international flights. Less than 9 years left before the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the existence of an air carrier in Siberia. He is second in the seniority after the Moscow enterprise of domestic aviation.

The history of the airport

First mentions Irkutsk International Airport Was awarded in 1925. June 24 was a triumphant flight from Moscow to Beijing with interim landings and aircraft changes in Irkutsk and Ulan Bator. Of the air six, four aircraft belonged to domestic aviation, and two were foreign.

The expedition for the flight was conducted under the command of the pilot Shmidt IP, and the team consisted of the future general-colonel of aviation Mikhail Gromov.

Successfully completed flight served as a point for the beginning of an aerodynamic development of Siberia. The first airfield on which the transplant took place was fairly small, only 500 × 600 steps, and was located not far from the village of Bokovo.

Three years later, in May 1928, the first hydroport appeared near the Znamensky Monastery, from which, after 3 months, in August, the debut flight to Bodaibo, consisting of passengers and mail, took off. On the way the plane made landings in large villages located on the banks of the Angara.

Within two months, in 1934, the Irkutsk pilots rescued icebreaker "Chelyuskin", which had got stuck in the ice of the Arctic Ocean. They managed to save all the crew and passengers, but the icebreaker itself sank.

A year later, on the day of the celebration of the air fleet, Irkutsk citizens were offered an air parade consisting of 14 aircraft.

After the war, in January 1948, the first round-the-clock flights from Irkutsk to Moscow and from Irkutsk to Yakutsk with an intermediate landing in Bodaibo were opened.

And under New Year 1955, at the end of December, the airport was awarded the title of International. And the first direction was chosen by Beijing.

In 1994, Irkutsk International Airport was awarded a certificate permitting the conduct of worldwide flights, and two months later a terminal for this type of line was opened.


In 2004, the Irkutsk airport was awarded a certificate allowing international flights. And a year later The international airport of Irkutsk has received the status of the best in Russia and CIS countries.

In 2008, work was carried out to extend the runway. Today's length is 3565 meters. The increase in the band allowed now to take all types of aircraft and even heavy "Boeing".

A year later, during the large-scale reconstruction of the domestic air terminal, he was awarded the national title "The Crystal Gate of Irkutsk".

In 2010, for the first time in 15 years, over one million passengers were serviced in one year.

In June 2012, another award was given at the contest "The best airport of the CIS countries", where there was a victory in the nomination as the most actively developing one.

After 4 months IL 96-400T landed on the runway in Irkutsk , a heavy aircraft, which is focused on cargo transportation up to 92 tons. This allowed in the book of airport life to open a new chapter.

In April 2013 the airport was officially withdrawn from federal ownership and transferred to the regional.

Changes in the 2000s

Worthy of the stagnant and penniless years was the Irkutsk airport. International flights still continued their flights on schedule. When in 2001 the financial situation at the enterprise was stabilized, the profitability of the airport began to increase again. The infrastructure has undergone changes: the lighting equipment has been replaced, the runway has grown, the reconstruction of the terminal has begun, and major repairs have begun in some areas.

General information

Currently, almost all domestic and foreign planes are serviced by the airport. Cooperation is conducted with 70 airlines: Russian and foreign. Every day, the information on the board displays the schedule of the Irkutsk International Airport: from 10 to 17 passenger flights, following federal lines, 10-15 routes to local destinations and the same freight.

The air gates that receive and send airplanes are two passenger terminals. Built in 1939 and reconstructed in 1994, the international and put into operation in 1976, internal.

Thanks to the large area of 2.2 hectares allocated for the cargo complex, the airport's capacity to pass through more than 150 tons daily increases. The cargo complex includes: a platform for handling air containers, docks, warehouses with a total area of 1257 sq. M. M.

Enterprise for people

Irkutsk Airport is a large enterprise, providing jobs for about 2000 people. It is also adjacent to the hotel "Air Harbor", repair shop and medical unit, the service of aviation service. For passengers with VIP status, there are dedicated service areas in each of the two terminals.

The board of Irkutsk International Airport displays all flights for the next few hours. In the airport hall there are standard souvenir shops and small cafes. There is a dedicated Wi-Fi, judging by the reviews, very good quality.

Internet page

Bribes the design of the official site: like standing in the middle of the airport hall, and it seems: turn your head around and immediately find the desired arrival card. Irkutsk - An international airport, in which there are rare directions of air communication: to Kirensk, Kyren, Shumak, Bodaibo and some others.

The twice-monthly flight newspaper "Irkutsk sky" will help you to find out the latest news of air carriers, it is possible to read interviews with the leaders of various airlines of the Irkutsk region. The newspaper is distributed free of charge and is located in terminals and airline offices.

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