Check in for a flight to Domodedovo - quickly and comfortably

Buying an air ticket does not give you a 100% guarantee of an air ticket. After all, to get on board the aircraft, you need to go through all the formalities at the airport, which the airline, the country of departure and the country of arrival show. The main procedure at the beginning of any air travel is check-in. It is thanks to her that the air carrier identifies the passenger on a particular flight and provides him with a specific place in the cabin of the aircraft.

Everyone knows the check-in counters at the airports near which many people are hoping to make their trip. Upon arrival at the airport, you need to find on the information board the airline and the directions indicated in the purchased ticket. Then go to the registrar and show your passport. Due to the fact that almost all air tickets are now electronic, there is no need to show an additional printout of the ticket, because every tourist is automatically entered into the airline's database. Once your passport and visa is verified by the representative of the carrier, you will receive a boarding pass indicating your personal place. If you have luggage, you will be given a luggage tag at the front desk.

Each airport - depending on its size and level of technical support - can have different check-in counters. So, registration for Domodedovo flight passes through the island system. Each carrier reserves several combined racks, while in one such island can register passengers of different companies.

In Domodedovo, check-in starts 2 or even 3 hours before departure, and ends 40 minutes before departure. The start and end of registration can vary depending on the direction of departure and the rules of the company itself. For example, when flying to the United States or Canada, the check-in starts in 3 hours, and ends in an hour - this is due to increased security checks when flying to these countries.

The development of technology in the field of air transport significantly simplified the process of obtaining a seat in the cabin of the aircraft and the delivery of baggage. Online check-in has become extremely popular among frequent flyers. All you need is to go to the airline's website, enter the ticket number and surname, select the place and print the boarding pass. Baggage can be taken on arrival at the airport on a special rack.

If you did not manage to prepare a coupon for yourself at home, in Domodedovo, check-in can also be done without waiting in line with self-service terminals. More than 20 companies use such terminals. Registration for the flight in this case will only take 2 minutes: simply attach the passport to a special vehicle, select a route, an air carrier and the desired seat in the cabin, and within a few seconds receive your "pass" on board.

Since the rules and technological capabilities of all airlines differ from each other, before departure, be sure to ask the booking agent or the representative of the carrier how to register for the flight.

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