Ashgabat is the airport of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi. "Turkmen Airlines"

The international airport of Ashgabat named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi is located not far from the capital of Turkmenistan. There are better conditions in the country for receiving not only domestic flights, but also the largest airliners from around the world. At this airport the company "Turkmen Airlines" is based.

general information

Ashgabat is an airport that was opened in 1994. When it was erected, the best equipment was used at that time and unique architectural solutions were realized. The airport had two runways, which are capable of accepting all types of liners.

Thus, every year through the airport began to pass a passenger flow of about one and a half million people. Airplanes of local and international airlines began to arrive here.

At that time, Ashgabat airport was the largest in the country. However, in 2013 it was decided to build a complex called "Oguzkhan", which was to comply with modern international standards.

Airport Location

In fact, the airport of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi is located in the city. The distance to it from the center of Ashgabat is only 7 km. Several capacious trails are laid to the airport. This is where Saparmurat Niyazov Avenue and Neutrality Prospect leads.

Ashgabat is the airport, which is the only point for receiving international flights in a circle 370 km from the capital. The next terminal is located at the indicated distance in the city of Mary.


Since Ashgabat airport does not have clear borders with the city, passengers do not experience any problems with public transport. By the central part of the capital of the state there are buses No. 1 and No. 18. The intervals between their delivery to the stops near the terminals of the airport terminal are no more than 20 minutes.

There is also a whole lot of free parking for cars. You can leave the airport on a relatively inexpensive taxi. The only inconvenience for passengers may be the need to pay for travel in local currency, which must be exchanged in advance for the airport building.

New aerocomplex

In 2013, the construction of a new complex of the airport "Oguzkhan" started. Its construction was part of the plans of the country's leadership on socio-economic development of the state.

For the construction of the complex, the company "Turkmen Airlines" has entered into appropriate contracts with the Turkish construction organization "Polimeks", whose specialists were engaged in the design of the facility.

The project included the construction of three new terminals: cargo, passenger and terminal for VIP customers. For the maintenance of numerous international flights a landing strip of 3800 m was built, and the old one was also reconstructed. Among other things, additional parking areas, taxiways, aprons for aircraft placement have been built. The towers for the dispatching services to manage the direction of the flights have been erected. The total area of the aerocomplex was 1200 hectares.

On the territory of the new airport are warehouses that can accommodate up to 200,000 tons of cargo. There are also stations for refueling liners, as well as hangars, designed for maintenance of aircraft.

Among other things, plans were implemented to build a number of administrative buildings housing the offices of the companies "Turkmen Airlines" and "Turkmenistan". Here, the school for training pilots, airport personnel, training complexes for training crews, medical centers began to be based. Also, a museum was opened, where exhibits concerning the development of Turkmen aviation were presented.

The airport runways were put into operation in 2015. To maintain the latter, the designers built a 65-meter control tower. Officially, the new airport was opened on September 17, 2016.

Small Airport Terminal

For the period of construction of the new complex of facilities at the Ashgabat airport, the small airport terminal No. 2 took care of arriving and departing international flights. Prior to that, it was the main and only terminal of the terminal.

The terminal was built in Soviet times, and its area is 14 000 m 2 . For an hour the terminal is capable of serving about 1200 passengers. After putting into operation the complexes of the new airport "Oguzkhan", Terminal No. 2 was used to receive and send local flights to the center of the country.

Infrastructure of the new airport

Modernization of the airport served as a basis for improving the infrastructure, which was to correspond to the international status of the facility. Today the new airport in Ashgabat has:

  • Comfortable waiting rooms;
  • Pharmacy and medical centers;
  • Souvenir shops;
  • Numerous shops and supermarkets;
  • Currency exchange points;
  • Zones of distribution of free Wi-Fi;
  • Restaurants where local cuisine is served;
  • Free parking for cars.

It should be noted that the above services are offered to passengers around the clock, and at affordable prices. The airport staff is able to provide information in Russian and English.

Ashgabat is an airport that does not have adjoining hotels. In order to accommodate passengers a few kilometers from the airport terminal hotel "Lachin" was built. Here travelers can enjoy comfortable double and single rooms.

Regular flights

Ashgabat is an airport, which in Soviet times was considered only as a point for domestic flights. Currently, in addition to the liners of local airlines, its runways receive aircraft from numerous countries around the world. There are aircrafts of such famous companies as Lufthansa, Belavia, Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines, China Airlines, which deal not only with passenger but also cargo transportation.

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