Vueling Airlines: feedback on the air carrier

The airline "Vueling Airlines" enjoys well-deserved popularity among passengers. This is a budget Spanish airline. It serves destinations in Europe, particularly in the western Mediterranean. This largest air carrier was founded in 2004. In Spain it is the second largest.

Vueling Airlines: Reviews

El Prat base airport is located in Barcelona. Aircraft of type Airbus A-320 are the fleet of Vueling Airlines. The passengers' comments about this company are positive. First of all, it attracts the so-called loukost, when the low cost of the ticket is caused by the reduction of the costs of the airport services.

Budget airlines (and now number more than 100 in the world) are often used for flights from one city to another with short distances between them. The extremely low price of a ticket in exchange for abandoning traditional passenger services is the operating principle of Vueling Airlines.

Air transportation with affordable prices affordable to the consumer - such a concept originated in the United States in 1949. Pacific Southwest Airlines has become a pioneer of the loukost. In the early 90's, this practice of transportation spread throughout Europe, where it is successfully used to this day.

With the help of loukosterov can significantly save your money. To fly for 20 euros from one European city to another is quite realistic. It is not difficult to find your bearings in the world of budget airlines. Their list and routes of flights can be found on the Internet.

To the tourist who ordered an electronic ticket, it is enough to make a printout of confirmation of the reservation, which came to the e-mail. This document must be taken to the airport.

Despite some negative points, such as, for example, not quite comfortable seats of Vueling Airlines airliners, reviews suggest that this minus of passenger service is not so significant. Lunch on board can be booked for a fee.

Paid service is a distinctive feature of budget airlines. For food and water, as well as for the transportation of baggage must be paid extra. Hand luggage is included in the ticket price, its weight can not exceed 10 kg. Excess weight is paid additionally.

The reasons for the cheapness of such tickets contain many points. Here are some of them:

  • Use of new aircraft, which means saving fuel, saving on repairs;
  • Buying tickets online for direct flights, bypassing the whole staff of ticket sales.

The flow of foreign tourists to Spain does not stop. Catalonia and the Canary Islands, Barcelona, the beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, Madrid, Andalusia attract travelers all over the world to this beautiful country. To ensure safe flights to this sunny region called airlines of the whole world. With this task Vueling Airlines is doing very well. The reviews of constantly flying airbuses of this budget air carrier confirm: "Vueling" is an excellent company with a good price-quality ratio. Professional pilots, friendly flight attendants work here. This is a great opportunity to save money.

For regular customers there is a loyalty program Punto. With this program you can accumulate points for flights. In the future, they can be used as a payment for the services of the airline.

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