Pegas Fly: passenger reviews

Pegas Fly, also known as Ikar, is a Russian air carrier that has been flying through Russia for almost 25 years. The basic airport of the company is Emelyanovo. He is in the city of Krasnoyarsk. Regular flights to the cities of Russia, charter flights with the tour operator "Pegas Touristik" are the main directions of Pegas Fly. Reviews about the airline are mostly positive, and affordable ticket prices make it very popular among travelers and business people.


The airline was founded in 1993 and was mainly engaged in cargo transportation and extinguishing forest fires. The fleet consisted of several Mi-8 helicopters. In 2013, the company was replaced by the owner, who leased two Boeing aircraft and began to carry out charter passenger transportation. Working on popular tourist destinations, Pegas Fly, whose reviews in most cases are worthy, competed with the carriers already on the market.


Despite the fact that the main airport for the carrier is Emelyanovo, departures are made from many cities of Russia. Regular flights are made from the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and many other Russian cities. About Pegas Fly, reviews are updated regularly, with the growth in the number of directions of the carrier.

Since 2016, the airline has expanded the flight map, fly to Sochi and Simferopol can be from 14 cities of Russia. Charter transportation, at the request of the tour operator "Pegas Touristik", is carried out in the cities of Asia and Europe. The most popular destinations are Barcelona, Tenerife, Larnaca, Antalya, Burgas, Bangkok. The choice of charter destination depends on the relevance of this or that resort to travelers. Tickets for charter are rarely available on the airline's website, information on them can be obtained on request. "Pegas Touristik" can sell tickets for the charter both with a tour, and separately.


Initially, six aircraft were used: Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767 300ER Pegas Fly. The passengers' opinions about these planes vary depending on the number of seats. The more distance between the seats, the more comfortable the flight. After their decommissioning in 2014, the airline purchased four Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

On the only Boeing 737 800 Pegas Fly fleet, the passenger reviews are only good. Comfortable seats, large distances between rows of seats allow the passenger even with high growth to feel comfortable throughout the flight.

Official site

The airline has an excellent website, where you can find all the necessary information: flight schedule Pegas Fly, reviews from partners, flight map, ticket prices. There is an opportunity to buy tickets and register for the flight online, which is very convenient. On the site you can get acquainted with the company's management, its fleet and actual news. There is also a service for checking tickets, through which you can find out about possible changes in the flight. In addition to the official website of the airline, tickets can be purchased on the site of the partner of the tour operator "Pegas Touristik" or in the office of the company.

Pegas Fly: reviews

2016 showed that most people choose the airline based on the experience of other travelers. On the Internet, there is a lot of information, after analyzing which you can get a clear idea of this or that carrier.

Pegas Fly - the airline, reviews in 2016 about which give a clear picture of the weak side: delays and cancellations of flights. Many customers note that charter flights depart with a delay, which is warned several days before the proposed departure. Delays are mainly in the eastern direction: Thailand, Vietnam. Regular flights across Russia and to the airport of Crimea - Simferopol - regularly depart on schedule.

There is an opinion that ticket prices are overstated. The difference in price with the same "Aeroflot" is about 5% (in favor of Pegas Fly).

Customers of Pegas Fly note that their worst fears about the company have not been confirmed. Small delays are compensated by high service on board and friendly flight attendants.

Great value is borne by the management of Pegas Fly reviews. In Simferopol, a direction that opened just recently, many travelers depart. They note the affordable prices for flights to the Crimea, and most importantly - frequent regular flights, so there is no rush and excessively overpriced.

Free baggage allowance

Onboard the standard rules of transportation of luggage operate. In economy class it is allowed to hold up to 20 kg of luggage free of charge, in business class - up to 30 kg. The maximum permissible weight of hand luggage for passengers of economy class is 5 kg, for business class - 10 kg. The sum of three dimensions (height, width, length) should not exceed 115 cm.

For some flights, the Pegas Fly exception is made. The airline, which is sometimes rather controversial, often meets its passengers. For long flights, such as Khabarovsk-Simferopol, the free baggage allowance is increased by 5 kg for all classes. For flights Moscow-Magadan, Moscow-Khabarovsk, Moscow-Blagoveshchensk , the norm is 35 and 45 kg for economy and business class, respectively, there and back.

Rules of ticket purchase

Buying an air ticket, you immediately get acquainted with the information on the possibility of a return. Non-refundable tickets are those that can not be returned or changed in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The price for them is usually lower than for those that can be returned. Return of funds, in case of a positive decision, can take from two to four weeks. At the same time, a service charge is maintained, which is taken by the agency for reservation services.

Return and exchange of tickets is carried out at agencies for their sale. You can find contact information about your agency on the itinerary receipt received after purchasing the ticket.

Before buying a ticket, the airline strongly recommends checking personal data: name, first name, number of the identity document. In case of a change of last name, the air ticket must be reissued. The transfer of the ticket to third parties, as well as re-registration to another passenger is not allowed.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive aspects of the airline include:

  • Great experience in regular and charter passenger transportation.
  • Departures without delay in the vast majority of cases.
  • Highly qualified staff with the appropriate service.
  • Separation into business and economy classes.
  • Convenient arrangement of seats, which ensures a comfortable stay throughout the flight.
  • Free food and drinks on board.

The disadvantages are:

  • A small air fleet.
  • The average age of the aircraft is 16 years.
  • Lack of regular international flights.
  • No monitors for watching movies and the airplane's course.
  • Online registration is not available in all the cities of departure.

company's news

In February 2017, it was planned to begin flights to Tel Aviv from the Zhukovsky airport near Moscow. At the moment the issue is at the stage of agreement. The authorities of Israel have not yet recognized the new airport Zhukovsky, so the start of flights is postponed until the end of March.

It is also planned to begin flights to new destinations in the summer in the Crimea. So far we are talking about flights Cheboksary-Simferopol-Cheboksary and Yaroslavl-Simferopol-Yaroslavl. Start flights on May 31, and finish on October 25. From Cheboksary three regular flights are planned per week, from Yaroslavl - one. The sale of tickets in these areas has already begun.

Pegas Fly received permission from "Rosaviation" to fly to Armenia. It is planned to start air communication with some airports in China and Europe.


Pegas Fly is an airline that has long established itself in the field of air transportation and keeps pace with the times. Thanks to this, it deserves positive feedback from its passengers and opens up new directions for flights. The airline's fleet is constantly replenished with new aircraft, and the crew and flight attendants are highly qualified professionals.

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