And what do you know about the airports in Chelyabinsk?

Airports of Chelyabinsk .. What do we know about these transport hubs? Yes, in general, not too much. They are definitely not on the ears, unlike such huge airfields as Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo in Moscow or Pulkovo in St. Petersburg, although they can still be told about a lot of interesting things .

Airports of Chelyabinsk. general information

First of all, we note that for today it is somehow reckless to talk about the air gates of this city. The thing is that such a concept as "airports in Chelyabinsk" has gone into the recent past of the times of the USSR. At the time, there were several of them, both local and international.

Now the airport in Chelyabinsk is one. True, he is among the top five in all of Russia. Why? Prerequisites for assigning such an honorary status abound. Thanks to improved runways, the airport is capable of accepting vessels of any type and fully complies with the first category of the ICAO standard. The length of the runway is equal to 3200 m, and the width - 60 m.

The location of the airport is also very profitable. It is built 18 km to the north-east of the capital of the Southern Urals. In general, initially, until 2008, the airport was called "Balandino" (on the same name village, which is 2 km away), and this name usually pops up in conversation about the airports of Chelyabinsk.

To date, this transport node is divided into two parts:

  • The 1st sector, which serves domestic flights and is able to pass up to 300 people per hour;
  • The second sector, which provides international flights, serves up to 150 people per hour.

For the year the airport is able to take more than a million and a half passengers, and every year the flow increases. The property can be reached by car or by public transport: bus numbers 1, 41, 45 or fixed-route taxi No. 82 run fairly regularly.

Airport History

The history of this transport hub covers more than 80 years. The first plane that landed on Chelyabinsk airstrips was a ship with a number Y-13, which was on the route from Sverdlovsk through Chelyabinsk with a final landing in Magnitogorsk. It was almost 100 years ago in mid-March 1930.

After the successful adoption of the U-13 in 1938, the airport terminal was opened.

Of course, nothing stands still and with time the capital of the Southern Urals itself becomes a major industrial and cultural center of the country. Air transport is developing .

Once the military airfield "Shagol" is renamed to "Balandino", and in 1953 a number of additional structures are being completed, including an air terminal, a radio center building, aerocomplex services and a command building.

1962 was marked by the appearance of a runway, which was able at that time to take even jet aircraft of the TU-104 type.

After the introduction of the new terminal building in 1974 and the emergence of the possibility to service ships of various types in the summer of 1994, Chelyabinsk airfield obtained the status of an international aerocomplex.

Modern airport "Chelyabinsk"

Over time, all the systems and, of course, the equipment is updated. To date, Chelyabinsk is an airport whose timetable is constantly updated with new and new routes. Cooperating with more than fifteen airlines, he now serves flights in 34 directions: to Moscow, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Urengoy, Gelendzhik and many other cities. In addition to domestic flights, there are international airlines, the most popular among which are Dubai, Barcelona, Goa, Phuket and a number of other cities around the world.

In 2011, the influx of passengers reached a colossal figure of 833786 people, and in 2012 the number has increased to one million. And this, of course, is not the limit.

To simplify the flight and make it more comfortable, Chelyabinsk Airport provides a lot of services for its customers:

  1. It is divided into a VIP-zone and a Business-hall, both in the sector serving domestic flights, and for international flights.
  2. On the territory are perfectly arranged rooms of mother and child.
  3. Waiting for the flight you can pass the time in one of the restaurants, cafes or bars.
  4. The information base of the airport of Chelyabinsk works round the clock and without days off.
  5. To the services of modern travelers there are special WI-FI zones.
  6. The staff working at ticket offices, helpful and very friendly.
  7. In a superbly equipped health center, you can not only receive emergency help if necessary, but also consult about the flight.
  8. At any time of the day, the service for storing luggage and its pre-packing is provided.
  9. At the disposal of motorists convenient parking.
  10. Chelyabinsk Airport has a modern online display, information from which is also displayed on the official website.

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