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Chernyak Anton: biography and creativity

In the West, gangsta rap, a kind of hip-hop style, is very popular. His recitative texts describe the fate of criminals, most often convicted of drug trafficking or looting. Chernyak Anton is known as one of the first rappers to perform songs on criminal topics. And the popularity brought him an unusual approach to this style.


The lyrical hero, described in the songs of "Krovostok", was born in the early seventies, like Anton Chernyak. The date of birth of the latter is unknown - the musician avoids talking about his personal life. Much more willingly tells in an interview about his work and studies.

Anton himself, in spite of obscene texts, classifies people as intelligent, since by education he is an artist (he successfully graduated from the Moscow State Archive of Music in memory of 1905). But he did not practice art in this form, since he considers it foolish to carry out editorial tasks in journals. For the same reason, I did not look for other opportunities to use my talent.

For a long time Chernyak Anton was interrupted by various earnings. I tried myself as a barman, but I was fired, because along with the garbage I often took bottles of expensive alcohol from the workplace. Worked as a cheater at the meat-packing plant.

The first musical tests

Even at the student's bench Anton Chernyak, whose age is known only approximately, began to write songs. The first creative tests were completely different from the creativity of the "Bloodline". He wrote lyrical verses, devoid of mat.
The texts were superimposed on the fashionable bits at that time and were performed as part of the artistic and creative group "Fenso", in which, along with Anton, the second participant of the "Krovostok", Dmitry Feldman, performed. He positioned himself as a writer and installer.
Later Chernyak Anton, who received the nickname "Shilo", spoke with the collective "PG", whose name was deciphered as "anti-tank grenade." In this period the author's texts are characterized by greater rigidity in comparison with earlier works. There was an idea to read under the beats a monotonous text about sex, drugs and criminal life.


The history of the band "Krovostok" began in 2004. On its official website there were 8 songs, which became part of the first album "The River of Blood". An unusual approach to the performance of gangsta rap attracted attention to the collective, which interested in Moscow clubs. Young people began to be invited to private events.
In 2006, Anton Chernyak and his group experienced a decline in public interest, fed up with "patsan" stories. There was an epoch of glamor and club music.

The clubs stopped organizing concerts, and the Afisha magazine changed the tone of the publications. If earlier journalists extolled the creative work of the collective, then after 2006 they began to be judged. Fans noted that the texts became more superficial. Many argued that Shiloh was covered. Several tracks from the second album were highly praised by critics. For example, the composition, the author of which was traditionally Anton Chernyak - "Biography".

What the group is doing now

Nevertheless, at the beginning of the two thousandth "Krovostok" - a phenomenon new and incomprehensible - was still on the ears of the public. At the peak of popularity, musicians were invited to participate in the filming of the film "Tin". At that time the collective left the same composition. The script also arranged rappers, but in the course of working with the director, frictions arose. He too freely, according to Anton, changed the script. Because of this, the musicians did not come to the scoring of the film.

Chernyak Anton writes weak texts, but tries to put their soul into them. He takes many plots from life, understood by many, and a mixture of foul language and jargon makes the songs attractive to the public of a more mature age. Often the creativity of "Khrovostok" was compared with the group "Factor-2", but the audience of the first collective in 2004 was about 30 years old, and the second listened to teenagers.
In 2017 the group presented the song "Head".

For today, the team has 5 studio albums and 9 video clips. Boris Barabanov (producer and radio broadcaster) in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant said that the songs of the collective are the best works on the theme of "dashing 90s", and he could include them in the history books if they were to be cited. Musician Alexander Laertsky believes that "Krovostok" is ahead of time.

Personal life

The performer does not care about the rapper's image at all. Chernyak wants more, that he was first accepted as an artist, and not as a scandalous artist. For this reason, the musician did not change his native Textiles (Moscow region) to the center of the capital. More than once Anton Chernyak, standing out against other people with a specific appearance and deep knowledge of criminal life, was asked about his personal life. In his interviews Chernyak said that he did not have any children. They were replaced by the cat Vasily, who has lived in the family for several years. The mother, according to Anton, does not share his views on creativity, so he does not listen to the new tracks of the band. It is interesting that Anton does not answer questions about his wife. He does not say that he is single, but at the same time he does not comment on his personal life. It is not known whether he is in a relationship and who is his choice.

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