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Exercises with dumbbells for weight loss - an excellent opportunity to do without leaving home

A sedentary lifestyle, childbirth, malfunctioning of the hormonal system, overeating are the most important reasons for weight gain. Diets are not a panacea, without physical exertion they will not give visible results. But what if there is no opportunity to attend a fitness club? Many believe that at home, to train to achieve at least some visible results is useless. This hypothesis is erroneous. Exercises with dumbbells for weight loss with a systematic implementation of them quickly enough to give the first results. And in fact this simple inventory is found in almost every house, and in case of its absence, the purchase will not be burdensome for the family budget.

All exercises with dumbbells are divided into several types, depending on what kind of muscles they are designed for. With their help you can download:

  • legs;
  • arms;
  • chest;
  • Back;
  • press.

Separately it is necessary to say that with the help of dumbbells you can perform exercises on the balance. Thus, this simple equipment allows you to make a full-fledged occupation.

Exercises with dumbbells for weight loss - why they are better than without them

It is believed that for the purpose of getting rid of excess weight, aerobic loads are ideally suited . It's true, but not really. They should be considered in conjunction with strength training. Only in this case, the desired result will become a reality: not only lose weight, but also tighten the muscles, and with them the skin.

This is explained quite simply: the amount of calories burned during the session and at the stage of recovery after it is different for different trainings. So, during the power lesson, "lose" you can only 200 grams of weight, but the process of burning fat after it will continue for several more days. In intensive aerobic training, you can lose weight even more (600 grams are prepared for training), but recovery after them takes much less time, which means that the fission of fats will quickly stop.

Therefore, alternating jumps with a skipping rope or running and exercises with dumbbells for weight loss, you can achieve much better results. The weight of this equipment varies quite seriously, therefore, by increasing it, it is possible to significantly influence the level of the loads received.

Dumbbells at home - a small sports hall right in the apartment

In order for classes to be effective and safe, it is important:

  • Do a warm-up;
  • Follow the technique of performing exercises (it is better to do in front of a mirror to prevent errors in time);
  • Start training with weights of a small weight (1-2 kilograms for beginners is enough).

And now a little about what exercises with dumbbells for weight loss you need to perform for each muscle group. They are well known.

For the muscles of the legs squats are very effective. Performing them in different versions, you can load almost all the muscles of the lower limbs. No less useful are attacks (forward, backward and aside).

Help dumbbells in the business of acquiring the harmony of the hands. Presses, climbs up, combined with push-ups, work wonders.

For the muscles of the breast should be carried out traditional mixing-raising of the hands from the prone position.

You can not disregard the back muscles, because any, even the most beautiful figure will ruin the wrong posture. With the help of dumbbells it is possible to perform traction (legs on the width of the shoulders, the body is tilted forward): hands from the forward position slide along the surface of the thigh from the bottom up and vice versa. The second exercise is lifting dumbbells (the starting position is the same, the body is parallel to the floor): the hands are lowered down to the level of the knees, then they rise and become the continuation of the buttock-back-head line (when the arms are parallel to each other).

This inventory is also used during the exercises for the press. They are used as an additional burdens in the hands with standard torso lifts (straight abdominal muscles) or while working on oblique muscles (an exercise known as "criss-cross"). In this case, one dumbbell is clamped under the knee of one leg, which does not unbend during the exercise, which allows you to work also on the coordination of movements. Another plus of this technique is to distract the brain from the unpleasant sensations in the working muscle.

Of course, there are many more options for building a session using dumbbells, and much can be done at home. The main thing is to set a goal and strive for it.

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