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Exercises With Dumbbells for Women and for Men

No matter how hard you try to lose weight, you can not make your figure ideal with just one diet. For a perfect appearance, you need to have the right combination of weight, amount of fat and muscles. Due to the diet can reduce the fat layer, but to bring the muscles in order will help exercise with dumbbells. In addition, they will save you from excess calories, improve your health and normalize your metabolism. Still they, supporting or maintaining constantly muscles in a tonus, will help or assist to suspend age changes.

Constant training with weights helps strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of cancer of the spine. You can model your body with dumbbells, performing natural movements without disturbing the angle of rotation of the joints and the amplitude of the muscles. As a result, the charge of vigor is obtained both the main and auxiliary muscles. Exercises with dumbbells are very diverse and designed for almost any muscle in the body. In total there are more than two hundred different exercises, but in order to keep oneself in order it is enough to choose only twenty of them.

Training should be started only if you already have preliminary training, that is, first you need to perform general strengthening exercises, and only then go to dumbbells. First, you need to work with dumbbells three times a week, then you can increase to 4-5 times for 30-40 minutes. Exercises with dumbbells rather effectively help to create a beautiful figure. There is no need to worry that the muscles will be excessively increased: the physiology of the female organism will not allow this to happen. On the contrary, such exercises help to reduce fat mass, burn excess calories and increase muscle tone.

In this case, the body gets rid of an hour of training from 400 kcal. Classes give a beautiful relief to the female figure, especially the chest and arms, raise the mood and enhance self-esteem.

Exercises with dumbbells for women are based on several basic elements.

1. First, the exercise is performed in a standing position, the back is straight, the arms are shoulder-width apart. Hands with dumbbells should take turns in the exhalation to raise to the level of the shoulder and delay for a few seconds in this position, after returning to the starting position is inhaled. Repeat 10 times for each hand.

2. Then, standing on slightly bent legs, keep your hands with dumbbells at the bottom and lean forward so that your arms hang, without bending your back. Go back, press for a few seconds hands to chest and lift them up, rising to tiptoe. All repeat 15 times.

3. Leaning forward and lowering his arms with dumbbells down, take his leg back and up. The dumbbells are taken to the sides on straight hands, having stayed in this position for a few seconds. Exercise 15 times. Then change the foot and repeat the same 15 times.

4. Leaning with one hand on the back of the chair, the other with dumbbells on the exhalation to bring to the chest, pressing it as tightly as possible. Repeat each movement 10 times. Then do the same with the other hand.

All exercises with dumbbells for women should be performed without sudden movements as smoothly as possible. Classes with any complex should be conducted regularly with the maximum concentration of attention. It is advisable to give the body a rest after the load the next day. Contraindicated in such complexes for women who have high blood pressure.

Exercises with dumbbells for men are performed, observing a certain sequence: first the muscles of the extensors and flexors of the forearms, then the muscles of the shoulder girdle, then the trunk, shins, muscles of the press. For all exercises for men, there must be a serious force load on different muscle groups. If such a load is not enough, then it is worthwhile to master exercises with weights.

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