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Styles of dances. The most popular among young people today.

Do you often think about how useful dancing is for us? It's not just a load on the whole body. Not just moral pleasure. Dancing is something that unites everything together, turns your head, becomes addiction. You can learn a beautiful dance on your own, but it's difficult to do, especially if you take into account the right technique and at least basic knowledge.

So, are there many dance schools in your city? Most likely, a lot. And night clubs? Probably more. But if nature has not invested the ability to move beautifully in you from the beginning, everything can be learned. Dance School - a smart incentive to become better, stronger not only physically, but also morally. The chance to educate yourself, to discipline, work on your body. And to victories that will not keep you waiting.

Styles of dance - that's what you should think about. Yes, this is not the main thing in life, but if you faced a difficult choice in this direction - you can only sympathize, because the styles are many, but you need to start somewhere.

So, let's look at the styles of dances.

1. Real modern dances. What is it? This is just a mix of a variety of different directions, combined together. This will be a good choice for those who do not like to tie themselves to anything concrete and limited (conditionally limited, of course).

In the classroom with modern dances, you will not only learn different movements, but also the technique of combining them, combining them into one chic dance. If you like modern music, love yourself and your body - welcome to the styles of modern dances.

2. Oriental dances. This can be told endlessly, because its imprint here imposes a special culture of the East. Smooth graceful movements, incredible stretching and unique possession of each centimeter of your body - this is what oriental dance is.

Many are accustomed to the fact that the east dance girls who perform belly dancing. Of course, this is one of the elements of the dance, but how many of them - it is difficult to count. Eastern dance is a real mystery for those who feel it, understands what it dances and gives to music in its entirety.

3. Strip plastic. A dance that requires special physical preparation. Here it will not work out trash, cheat. This is a real dance of eroticism and passion, which you must nourish to yourself. Do not be shy, do not clamp, do not make unnatural movements. At first glance, it seems that it is incredibly difficult, but you just have to start, believe me!

Yes, it will take a lot of classes first to get back to normal, but later, when dancing for a loved one or friends (and, perhaps, for spectators on stage), you will understand that they did not in vain learn, And their unnecessary stereotypes. Show people passion, and they will discover something new in you.

4. Break-dance. Do you still think that this is an exclusively male dance? Oh, how wrong you are. A girl who dances this style can be attractive and sexy. Many dance styles provoke girls to be feminine and enticing, however a girl can be bold and straightforward. And the dance. In the break-dance, everyone can find themselves, their character and, possibly, change. Do not become different, but become stronger, better.

5. Modern styles of dance include and such dance as a tectonics. Looking at some of these dancers in the TV show, it seems to us that this is just a silly misunderstanding, a joke and a merry entertainment.

Of course, every dance implies entertainment, but do not be categorical. Tectonics are not just awkward movements to strange music, no. This is the lifestyle of many young people, a way of their emancipation and development. Electrode (as still called tectonics) has its right to live and occupy a certain niche in such an area as dance styles.

Of course, there are still a lot of them, but we considered several popular among youth today. To make the right choice for yourself, it's enough just to watch a few videos, go to several shows, try to repeat some movements. And, most importantly, at this moment, listen to yourself! All will turn out!

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