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Are you getting bad at the photo? Knowing some secrets, you will be irresistible in the pictures

Want to improve the way you look in the photos? Do you want to improve selflife, which you do yourself? Here are nine reasons why you can not get good at photos, as well as nine tips on how to fix it and make your photos much more attractive. You should remember that beauty is not an absolute concept, especially when it comes to photographs. These secrets will help you to make your pictures look amazing. All you need is a little effort, attached at the time of photographing. And you will be surprised at how much your view on the pictures will change.

Too small shooting angle

The lens should be above the level of your eyes, to get a good effect. Either hold the camera a little higher if you are making selfies, or ask a person who takes pictures of you, to hold the camera slightly higher. You can also find a taller friend or bend your knees to slightly level the situation. Also, you should lean your head forward a little, because no one wants to look into your nose.

You are too close or too far away

The face can look different, depending on the distance between it and the lens. That's why many people think they look good when they look in the mirror, but they look awful in photos. To find your ideal distance, ask a friend to shoot you from different distances so that the face has the same size in the photo. Then review the results and select the one that you like most. If you do not want to do too much work, you can narrow the search to three points: close, middle and long distance. When you find out your ideal distance, you can continue to ask the photographer to come closer or step away to photograph you.

Your eyes do not smile

Obviously, you want to smile in photos, but in this case the eyes are no less important than the lips. To your eyes also smile, try one popular technique. During shooting, try to screw up your eyes, using only the lower eyelid. The upper part should be lowered only slightly. Try to do so in front of the mirror, and you will see how much more confident and attractive you will look.

Your body is in the wrong position

If you take a photo of your face and shoulders in full-face, the result may look like a snapshot that is done by the police. To get rid of this effect, turn your camera slightly with one shoulder. Your shoulders should be about 30 degrees in relation to the lens, not 90. In addition, if you are not happy with how the photos convey your excess weight, this technique will make you on the pictures slimmer. Also, you should take a little back and lower your shoulders, so that your neck looks longer, which allows you to look more attractive in the photo.

You smiled too long, and it looks strange.

It's not a secret that it's not an easy task to smile for an extended period of time on a team. The more you smile, the more fake this smile looks. So you should ask the photographer to give a countdown so that you do not smile during the entire period of preparation, and did it only a couple of seconds.

You were not ready

When you are being photographed, you should pay your full attention to this, to avoid taking pictures with your mouth slightly open or your eyes looking crazy. Do not take your eyes off the camera. Do not be distracted by people who are trying to talk to you. Try not to blink. Just take photos for a few seconds and pose without paying attention to anything.

You grimaced face

If you want to make a photo that will show you that it does not care what you look like, you can do anything with your face. But you have to understand that trying to show the tongue, make faces, puff lip make you look stupid, and it's this that distinguishes those pictures that you are proud of, and those that you look at, grin and set aside to never again on them Not to look. Resist the desire to grind an erypsipelas or, if you can not help yourself, ask the photographer to take two shots: one quality, and the other a little less serious. Then you can compare them and find out which one will appeal to your friends.

You took one photo and did not check what happened

Do not be afraid to ask for another photo, if you think that the first one did not come out of you. Very often people can just blink or do something else that can spoil the frame unintentionally. Ask to see what happened to see if you like the result. It depends on you how good the final picture will be.

It's just not yours

Some people just do not like being photographed. But if you understand that you still need to be photographed, you should take this fact. If this can not be avoided, then it's worth taking care to look at the photo in the best way possible. In most cases, people do not like being photographed, because they think that they look horrible in pictures, and also have low self-esteem. If you do not make any effort, then you will not get the desired result. This applies to both photos and everything in life. If you read all these tips, then try to understand and use them, and then you can get much better at photos.

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