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How to choose glasses according to the form of a person - recommendations

Gone are the days when a man in glasses caused pity or ridicule. Today, a stylish frame is part of the fashion image. Now even those who do not need a vision correction, are keenly interested in the question: "How to choose glasses according to the shape of the face?" And all because this accessory can create real miracles, changing its appearance beyond recognition. Depending on the chosen frame, you become an exquisite intellectual, a daring rebel, a pampered diva ...

It does not matter which glasses are in question - correctional or sunscreen - the rules of the game are the same for everyone. If you are concerned about how to choose sunglasses according to the shape of your face, then first determine your own type. Stand in front of the mirror and carefully look at yourself. You can even arm yourself with a ruler, not trusting your own eye.

In Russia, the most common type of face. It is characterized by the same indicators of the width of the face and its length. And these people have pronounced cheeks (sometimes with dimples). Holders of this form with all their might tend to visually draw out facial features. With this, the angular frame with narrow, slightly oblong lenses will do fine.

Glasses from the sun with smooth lines, but rather large (for example, teardrop "aviators") soften the rough, hard features of a square face. The cheekbones will not be so noticeable, and even the chin will cease to seem too heavy.

If the widest part is the cheekbones and forehead, and the chin is narrow and small, then you are the representative of people with a triangular type of face. How to choose glasses according to the shape of the face of this species? Pay attention to the "cat's" model. Oval glass, elongated their shape will accentuate your beauty.

Very rarely, but still there is a diamond-shaped face. Man has a low forehead, which goes into a fairly wide whiskey. Cheeks are pronounced, and the chin is small and neat. And if you are such a unique person, then you ask: "How to choose glasses?" By the shape of the face you will be more suitable option either completely without frame, or oval shape without excess decor.

Happy people with an oval face can choose what their heart desires. Literally everything!

The rectangular shape differs from the oval with more angular, sharp features. Narrow goggles here will not work. On this face will look better massive large rims.

Having carried away the decision of a problem how to select glasses on the form of the face, do not forget that on this face there are also brows. Their movements are sometimes more expressive than any view, so you should not hide them. The frame should recede from the lower edge of the eyebrows a millimeter by three. Ideally, if the top line of the glasses repeats their bend.

The jumper jumper adjusts the length of the nose. The lower it is, the nose will appear shorter. Well, accordingly, vice versa. The width of the jumper can visually increase or decrease the distance between your eyes.

The facial features will become even larger if the glasses fall on the lower edge of the cheeks. And it is unlikely that you will like the traces on the skin that will be visible at the points of contact. If you notice this, when you take your glasses off, then leave them without regret. The frame must be comfortable - do not put pressure on your nose, do not rub behind your ears.

Emphasize your personality with light and fashionable glasses in a stylish frame!

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