We have a mother's day today: an applique for mother's day

Applications can be done from almost everything that comes to your mind and comes to hand. An interesting application for Mother's Day can come from paper, paper napkins and candy wrappers.

Preparing the workflow

In order to make such an application, you will need:

  • Color paper;
  • Album sheet or sheet of cardboard;
  • White paper napkins;
  • Candy wrappers;
  • hole puncher;
  • paints;
  • Brushes;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • Transparent nail polish.

If there is no color paper, you can dispense with white sheets and with the help of paints make them a paper of the right colors. Album or cardboard sheet is needed as a substrate. If there is no thick paper, you can glue together two simple sheets.

It is important to determine what will be depicted in the craft. The application on the theme: "Mother's Day" is usually either a flower or a butterfly, but you can represent anything - a fish, a bird, and a branch of lilac. The main thing is that the details are not too small, otherwise the work will turn out to be complex, it will require a lot of effort, time and perseverance.

The basis of future crafts

The first step is to prepare the foundation. The background of the substrate should preferably be light, but this is a matter of taste. On the substrate draw a thin line of the outline of what they were about to portray.

Of the colored paper, the necessary details are cut out-it can be a stem and flower petals, butterfly wings, or other appliqué elements. Now everything needs to be glued to the substrate.

Paper Wipes

Napkins should be torn into pieces with a diameter of about 1 cm and crumple them. But it's not necessary to crush up to dense balls. The resulting small loose lumps are colored with different bright colors. Or, if convenient, you can dye the paper before you tear it.

It's okay that the paper gets wet through, you just need to let it dry (so as not to lose time while the napkins dry out, you can do candy wraps).

Now paste the dried pieces of colored napkins in the necessary places on the appliqué. They can be placed on spots of butterfly wings, used for flowers. You can draw up a background for them by the type of flying salutes. Or even entirely lay out a flower.

For example, a very beautiful applique for mother's day will come if you decorate the lilac branch with such lumps of napkins, painted in lilac color. One lilac lump is one flower, but there are a lot of lilacs. Accordingly, they must be glued in large quantities, close to each other.

Candy wrappers as material for crafts

Candy wrappers should not be too thin, otherwise it will not be possible to punch holes in them. But they can be any: shiny, colorful, wrappers from chocolates, so anything, if only they were bright and colorful.

Now it's the punch line, but before you start working with it, you need to open and shake out all the garbage. If the wrapper is still too thin and nothing works, you can try to add it in several layers. You need to make at least 40 holes. Now the hole puncher must be opened and got out of it the resulting "confetti".

If there are no punch holes at hand, you can use scissors. With their help cut candy wrappers into pieces 3 mm in size. Then the resulting confetti will not be round, but square.

Such confetti can be decorated, for example, the place of application on which there is a vase with a flower, or used to decorate other sites. Applique for the holiday Mother's day should have its own flavor. It can be a signature: "MAME", made with the help of confetti.

Attach these balsams better with the help of a colorless nail polish, as ordinary glue for a long time they will not hold. Apply the lacquer immediately to the entire surface is not recommended, because it dries very quickly. So it is necessary to apply the varnish consistently, in small areas and immediately put on this site of confetti. A little press on top with your fingers, and superfluous shake. If in some place is not stuck - you just need to touch it again with a brush with varnish and attach a few more sparkles. Applique for Mother's Day is ready!


The main thing is desire. After all, to make the most beautiful application for Mother's Day, it's important to come up with a picture. And it's beautiful to arrange - it's already the second, for this you can use any improvised materials.

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