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World of Digital Photography

Today is the time of digital technology. During digital technologies, digital cameras are the most prominent and unshakable place in the genre of photography . Almost any person can buy themselves at least an unpretentious digital camera and start taking pictures. Do not just start taking pictures, but become what is called an amateur photographer.

To do this, you do not need to know any complicated technologies, you do not have to do dozens or hundreds of some manipulations on a modern digital camera, you do not have to close in a dark room and mix some chemicals to display the images, enough Just throw the picture on the computer, and if you really want something to have on paper, then either print it in a digital photo lab, or buy your own photo printer and print as much as you want.

The amount of images that can be taken at a digital camera at a time is no longer limited to the volume of the film, they are truly huge, provided that modern memory cards are used. You can take a dozen pictures of the same subject, and then choose the best, not particularly worried about the space spent.

And now we are choosing the best pictures from those that we have obtained and we no longer want to boast to others, to demonstrate what we have achieved. Therefore today photographers are grouped into groups, around Internet resources, where the same photographers are amateurs, and sometimes they are joined and professionals spread their work, share impressions, leave feedback, give advice, admire, admire, ...

One of these sites is the Author's Photos and Pictures Website - it unites photographers of amateurs and professionals from all over the country. Not only photographers but also people far from photography enjoy it, but they want to see the beauty of remote regions, the beauty of nature, interesting landscapes of places where they should still go, look at what insects, animals, plants, birds look like They personally could not be seen.

The site of Author's photographs and drawings is a whole community of people who share their work, evaluate photos, learn something new from photographs, share and receive invaluable experience in photo art.

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