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Some tips on how to change the password in mail - mail

In order to change the password for your email account, you need:

1. Enter the mailbox that belongs to you;
2. Find the link "settings" - click on it;
3. Next, go to the "Password" settings section;
4. In the empty field named "Current password", enter the password that you are using at the moment;
5. In the "New password" field, enter the password that you are going to use in the future. Enter the same password again in the field "Repeat New Password".
6. Below you will see the code, it should be repeated in the line below;
7. The password has been changed. Click the "Save" button.
After you clicked on the save, you will be prompted to enter the email using the new password.

If you have any doubts about whether you entered the new password correctly, try this procedure again. To do this, click the appropriate button.

If you can not get into the mail, it's time to learn how to change the password in the mail

Start your actions by clicking on the "Forgot" link.

Find the line with the word Password - click, the link is FORGOT. In order to change the password, you will need to enter the answer to the secret question, as well as your additional e-mail, to the address that you will receive a temporary password to enter your mail.

Previously, you already learned how to change the password in the mail to a new one.

If you do not want to create an extra mailbox next time, specify the mobile phone number in the settings. All the necessary information on how to change the password in the mail. Will come to you at this number

Now, is it time to learn how to delete a mailbox in the system?
If you want to delete your mailbox, you will need to use a special interface that is in your email box. In order to get into it, you need to enter your email in the social network
In order to delete a mailbox in the system, you must:

Find the "User name" field in the mailbox - enter the name of your mailbox that you need to delete, then select the corresponding domain. The next step is to enter the password from e-mail. Check if you have entered everything correctly. If all data is entered correctly - click the "Delete" button. If the requirements are correctly entered, the mailbox will be freed from all the information stored in it, and access is blocked. But remember that completely removing the name and mailbox will take at least three months. This is done in case you change your mind about deleting your email address.

Sending an email.
Sending a letter to an email address is not an easy task, it's enough to have simple skills.
How to write a letter to an email address.
1. Enter your email.
2. Find the "Write a letter" button. Click on it.
2. You will have fields on the screen that need to be filled.
In the first line enter the address of the recipient (e-mail address to which you send the letter).
In the second line, specify the subject of the letter. For example: a vacancy (if you are answering an ad about a job). Filling this line is optional.
3. Below these lines, there is a large window in which you can enter the text of the message, with small windows for correcting the letter. Also, to the main letter you can attach a file stored on your computer.
4. When you have finished filling out all the lines, click the "Send" button.

Sending the letter to the email address is over. Your letter was sent to the addressee.

Now you know how to act correctly in the system: how to change the password in the mail, delete your mailbox and send an email to the email address. It's time to write to your friends to exchange impressions, show them your new photos or offer your favorite music.

Good luck to you!

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