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Setting up Yandex mail in Outlook: description

Setting up Yandex mail in Outlook does not contain anything complicated, and if you do not know how to set the right parameters, then we recommend that you read this article. If you are just a novice user on the network and can not figure out how to configure this program for Yandex parameters, then at first you will need an instruction, but after one installation (with the exception of reinstalling the operating system), you no longer need You will need to make any settings. For beginners, configuring Outlook 2010 for Yandex mail may take some time, but if you follow the information above, you will be able to perform this task correctly and subsequently get the opportunity to work with incoming mails directly on your computer.


In fact, the setting of Yandex mail in the Outlook program is the same as, for example, on the mail service mail or any other that provides users with mail accounts. All settings will occur directly in the program itself. Do not be afraid of complex functionality, you will need only a part of the settings from it. At once I would like to mention that each postal service contains pros and cons. In fact, this is not at all surprising, but, however, Yandex has recently begun to engage in global optimization, and many users leave even the famous mail and switch to a more high-tech service.


Setting up Outlook Express for Yandex requires first of all authorization. Let's put everything in order so that the newcomers do not get confused. First, you need to open MS Outlook. Today we disassemble the MS, since this service is much more convenient when compared with the standard Outlook EX application. After you have logged into the program itself, you need to go to the menu, by clicking on the "Tools" button on the top panel, then you will see a drop-down menu. Your task is to find in it "Accounts" - this button can be in older versions, or rather, if you use MS 2003, then you will be able to find it.

After you click on this button, you need to find the "Accounts" item - it is in this section that you will create a new account, or rather, add your own account. If you just could not figure it out, then we recommend that you simply go to the "Options" submenu, then "Mail Setup", and there you will already see the "Accounts" column. In fact, it's quite easy to find this solution even in new versions of the program.


After going to the tab "Account" you can see the whole group of commands. Your task is to check the box next to the e-mail, because you should connect the e-mail box to the program in order to receive instant notifications without visiting the Yandex.Mail service. Your task is to create a new account, and it's very easy to do this.

As you could already understand, setting up Yandex mail in Outlook occurs directly in the program itself, where you need to specify all your data, after which you can use the service directly on your computer. When you start creating a new account, then a new window will open before you, which will be named "server type", you should specify a tick for item 2 - POP3, although in other versions it may be different. In either case, you should select the server type "POP3". After setting the tick to "POP3" you should click the "Next" button at the bottom of the window. In the next window you will need to make Internet e-mail settings. Do not be afraid, setting up Outlook's mail "Yandex" is very simple.

Final setup

In the "Server type" window that will open, check the box 2 - POP3 - and click "Next" again. From you will be required to enter information about the user, there you need to specify your name, or rather - the login. Setting up Yandex mail in Outlook will be completed only if the email program can synchronize with your mailbox, so you first need to check all the specified data.

Note. Outlook Express is available as part of the Windows series. The first platform, which was completed with this solution, was Windows 95 OSR 2.5. Also this application is completed with Internet Explorer 4.0 and newer versions of it. We hope that this information was useful to you.

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