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How to change the city in "Yandex"?

Search engines have a complex mechanism that allows not only to search for information on users' requests, but also to sort it according to the specified settings. Earlier, when such sites first appeared, they could only find the necessary data without ranking them. That is, if you needed to find information about the sale of real estate in your city, then it must be indicated. Now everything has changed. Search engines configured in accordance with our needs, significantly reduce the search time and allow you to get only the information we really need.


A similar situation is with the popular Russian search engine. If you do not specify a region in its settings, then the information on your request will be given in a general form, which causes a lot of inconvenience. That is, for example, you want to buy an apartment in your city. Let's say it will be Samara. Having written while searching for "Yandex" service "buy an apartment", you will see all offers in Russia. To obtain data about your city in particular, you will have to add "in Samara" to the request. All this could be avoided if the search region in the system would be set up.

How to change the city in Yandex?

You can specify the region settings for any user of this site. It is not necessary to have an account in Yandex. It's enough just to be its user. You can change the city in Yandex in two ways. Choose the one that is more convenient for you.

First option:

  1. We go to the site Yandex, to the main page.
  2. We look at the right side of the screen, namely upward. There you can see the link "Personal settings". We click on it.
  3. Then choose "Change city".
  4. In the opened window we find an empty line and write our city there, and then save the entered data.
  5. Done! Now all information on your search queries will be displayed only in relation to your city. The same goes for gadgets on the Yandex website: weather, maps, traffic jams and so on.

The second option:

  1. You can also change the city in Yandex by direct search. Open the site.
  2. We find the search line (in the middle of the page).
  3. Right under it you can see the link "Advanced search". We click on it.
  4. Before you open a field where you can enter that city, information about which you are interested.


In such simple ways, you can change the city in "Yandex". Please note that the delivery of information on request is not only based on site settings, which you define yourself, but also based on your preferences and early requests. If you do not change the city in "Yandex", then try to go to the search engine through another browser and make sure that after specifying the city in the appropriate field you confirm your choice by clicking the "save" button. If you are the owner of an account on this site and indicated at registration another settlement, then do not worry. Change the city in "Yandex" can be exactly the same ways that we considered earlier.

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