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Sergey Bodrov: biography, filmography, photo

Sergei Sergeevich Bodrov is a famous actor and director who died tragically at the age of 30 as a result of an accident. During his short life this talented man managed to do a lot. He has several bright roles on his account, he has not bad proved himself as a director and screenwriter, he managed to visit TV presenter. What is known about the life of a guy whom most fans knew as Danila from "Brother" and "Brother 2"?

Sergey Bodrov: biography of the star

The boy was born in December 1971, there was a joyful event in the family of a famous director and art historian. The child was named after his father, whose name is known to any fan of Russian cinema. Sergei Sergeevich Bodrov appreciated the opportunity to be alone from his early years, indulging his thoughts. This does not mean that the child had problems with his peers, the sociable Sergei had no shortage of friends.

Curiously, Sergei Bodrov in his childhood did not dream about acting profession, the boy did not see himself as a director. If you believe the memories of parents, the child at one time intended to become a driver of a garbage truck, not just any, but certainly an orange one. In his school years, he practically did not stand out from the crowd of peers, did not skip classes and did not conflict with anyone. Teachers, describing Bodrov, note the excellent sense of humor that he possessed.

Sergei Sergeevich Bodrov freely spoke in French, which he had learned while still in school, received a diploma from the Historical Faculty of Moscow State University. Danila's work experience can surprise his admirers: school teacher, beach lifeguard, confectioner, reporter. However, fate still prepared him for another profession.

Debut in the cinema

The world of cinema Bodrov, Jr. had the opportunity to study from the inside, while still a schoolboy. For the first time he performed an episodic role in the drama "SIR", shot by his father. In this film, Sergei got the image of a young offender, he appeared only for a few seconds, clothed in a gray robe. As a student, the guy once again played in his father's ribbon, the second for him was the film "The White King, the Red Queen", in which he tried on himself the image of a messenger porter.

Of course, these were not the roles that made Sergei Sergeevich Bodrov famous. The filmography of a novice actor only in 1995 acquired a film project, thanks to which the audience learned about it. It was the melodrama "The Prisoner of the Caucasus", shot by his dad. Critics were delighted with the game of a 24-year-old boy, who has no special education. It was said that he even beat his colleague Menshikov.

Sergei's character in this picture - a first-year soldiers Ivan, by fate's will entered in the blazing cauldron of the cauldron. Bodrov, Jr. received several honorary awards, among which was "Nika".

"Brother" and "Brother 2"

The role of Danila, who became the actor's card, he was offered directly by the director of the drama "Brother" Balabanov, who independently wrote the script for the film. The audience was delighted with this film project, Sergei was called "the face of the generation," which, incidentally, he did not like. The phrases from the film are quoted by fans so far.

It is curious that the critics liked this tape much less than the "Caucasian Prisoner", in which Sergei Sergeevich Bodrov played before that. The biography of the young man testifies that they spoke of his hero Danila very disapprovingly. The actor was accused of not being able to get used to the image of a provincial kid who found himself in the capital. And also that he did not manage to show changes in the nature of the character, which occurred closer to the end of the drama.

Negative feedback did not prevent Balabanov from withdrawing the continuation of the story, in which Bodrov again won the main role. After that, the status of the sex symbol was finally approved for him.

Other interesting projects

Above described are not all the entertaining roles that the actor managed to play. Fans remember him and other pictures: "Bear's Kiss", "War", "East-West". Particularly successful was his image in the film "East-West", where he portrayed a guy from the 50's, fascinated by his charming French neighbor. The lover also played in the film "Bear's Kiss" Bodrov Sergey Sergeevich, a photo of the actor in the image of this character can be seen below.

Danila tried his strength and as a director, having removed the drama "Sisters", to which he wrote the script himself, spending only two weeks. The main characters are the half-sisters, whose quiet life ends after the father leaves the prison. In one of the episodes of the film, Sergei appeared as an episodic character.


The tragedy that led to the death of Bodrov occurred during the filming of his new film "Messenger", which was never completed, in the Karmadon Gorge. Sergei and all members of the crew died on February 20, 2002 as a result of the collapse of the ice cliff from the rock. Bodrov left two children - son Alexander and daughter Olga, who now live with his widow Svetlana. It's sad that the boy was born just one month before his father's death.

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