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How to send files by e-mail and how convenient it is

With the development of technology, many people of our planet have forgotten about handles and sheets of paper and use a monitor and keyboard. Users of the network want to not just communicate, but often wonder how to send files by e-mail, for example, text or video / audio. We will try to help them in this.

What is the advantage of the virtual world?

The Internet provides many opportunities for obtaining various information, as well as knowledge. In addition, this technology allows you to quickly share information with relatives or friends who live far away. Now, instead of long job searches and unnerving many interviews, you can simply send the resume to the employer using a computer.

Earnings at home and remote cooperation are also the possibilities of the Internet and e-mail. Correspondence in this case is similar to traditional, except that it is transferred to the electronic plane. However, we are a little distracted, let's consider how to transfer the file by mail. After all, this issue worries a lot of people, and in particular beginners. First, let's define the most common e-mails.

More about

In this mail service the maximum size of outgoing or incoming mail is 18 megabytes. It's impossible to say in one word how to send a file via mail. The fact is that one letter can be accompanied by only one file. If you need to send large amounts of information through, then you can use the e-Disk service. Thanks to it you can send archives, the size of which reaches 1.5 gigabytes.

Another disadvantage is that large-size materials can only be sent to @ The e-Disk server stores files for a maximum of a week, and in case you do not go to your own mailbox, within 90 days it blocks all incoming messages.

How to send files by e-mail with

In this mail service the base size is 10 gigabytes. The maximum size of the letter is indicated at 30 megabytes, but practice shows that you can send only 22 megabytes. The main disadvantage of Mail.Ru is the short existence of a single mailbox. In case the owner does not enter the mail for more than 3 months, it can be deleted or blocked.

A separate inconvenience lies in the fact that during the sending of a letter to the service Mail.Ru, he invariably "clings" to some advertising. Also it should be said that this service has a weak anti-spam filter.

What good is Gmail?

As you probably already guessed, then we will talk about mail from Google. Here the maximum size of one letter is 25 MB. Gmail has good anti-spam protection, but sometimes it does not respond correctly to messages sent through the server of a normal ISP or hoster. The interface is intuitive, and it will tell you how to send files by e-mail, for example favorite photos.

Gmail has a very convenient feature that saves time for the user - viewing the sent documents is done directly in the browser. This solution is incredibly convenient, especially if there is a slow connection.

How to attach a file in Yandex mail

According to many users, now it is most convenient to use Yandex mail. A mailbox can work with the largest possible size of files that can be sent (it is about 30 megabytes in one letter). In addition, there is a special service called "Disk" - with its help you can send large files, the size of which reaches 5 gigabytes.

Yandex received a convenient interface for uploading files. To the additional differences of his mail can be attributed quality antispam and quick search for letters. The server can also allow viewing the received files directly in the browser.

We ship!

Are you still interested in how to send files by email? Then we pass to the main thing. We go in the mail, create a new letter, click on the "attach file" button. The browser window opens. In it we find the necessary document, we press the "Open" button, after which this document is inserted into our letter. Next, select the recipient and click the "Send" button.

We emphasize that the file type in most cases does not matter. You can, for example, send ordinary documents or video materials. Another important point: some e- mail services block files that have extensions: reg, bat or exe. However, you can send them by compressing them first into a ZIP format.

Benefits of email

Today, there are many services that allow you to share files. We are talking about file sharing and programs, through which thousands of people keep in touch: Skype, ICQ. The problem of file sharing is that a certain amount of money must be paid in order to obtain the maximum transmission speed. And ICQ and Skype are not so widespread as email, so you can still call it a leader among the tools that allow you to share information.

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