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How to pay for an order for "Aliexpress": detailed instructions

To order the liked goods on "Алиэкспрессе" not too difficult. However, sometimes there are difficulties with paying for it, since it's the first time to deal with all the nuances. Asking how to pay for an order for "Aliexpress", you should familiarize yourself with a simple instruction that will make purchases pleasant and easy. Moreover, since some time, the possibilities for paying for goods for Russian buyers have been significantly expanded.

Browse Categories

Before you pay for an order on "Aliexpress", you need to do it. To do this, you need to carefully review the category of interest. If you are looking for a specific product, you can use the search field of the trading platform. The convenience of "Aliexpress" is that there is no need to type a query in English. The Russian layout of the trading platform "reads" easily. After you have chosen the goods, found out its cost, the method of delivery, you need to create your account (account).

check in

At the top of the page is the "Register" tab. Clicking on it, you will begin the procedure of creating an account. You must enter your valid email address. On it you will receive a letter with confirmation of registration. You must specify your first and last name. Here everything is like a passport, as it is with this document that you will receive an order. You must also come up with a password and repeat it later. Choose a fairly complex, but memorable combination, so that you can then seamlessly access your account from any device. You also need to choose your status (wholesaler, private buyer).

Delivery address

Having created your account, it is desirable to immediately register and the delivery address of the order. This will save considerable time in the future. Log in to your account, then follow the "My Aliexpress" tab, find the "Address" line. There it is necessary to indicate your actual place of residence. That is the address from where you will pick up your parcels. It is not necessary that the addresses of registration and delivery coincide. Save the data so that you can always select this option in one click.


After selecting the product, feel free to click on the buy now option if you want to purchase only this unit. If you have several orders, they can be paid and processed from the basket. Then the new product can be added by clicking on add to cart. When making an order, log in to the account (if it was not done before), select the place of delivery. Orders from "Aliexpress" from one seller can be sent by a single package, from different, naturally, different. The last step is payment. To do this, click buy.

Payment Methods

Before you pay for an order from "Aliexpress", it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the possible options. The choice, by the way, rather big.

Payment by Visa or MasterCard

Payment by card is considered one of the most convenient ways. First, the data of your card is strictly classified from both the seller and other third parties. Secondly, in the case of the need to refund, this will be at times more convenient and faster. Thirdly, you can pay for the purchase in just a few clicks. Having chosen this method, you only need to enter your card details, and then confirm payment by clicking on Pay My Order. Your order is paid and ready to be shipped.


This payment method is available for orders made less than $ 5,000. That is, for most, it is suitable. Before you pay the order in "Aliexpress", once again, check whether all the fields you filled out correctly. Choosing a payment method "Kiwi-purse", you must fill several fields. First, enter your purse number (usually it is the same as the phone number to which it is attached). Secondly, choose a method of payment again. The payment system "Kiwi" has several of them: from the wallet, through the terminal, from the card (if it is tied). Choose any convenient. If this is a card, you will need to enter its data. If the terminal, then pay through it purchase. If the purse, then the amount will be written off from it.


More recently, a convenient payment method appeared on the trading floor, like the Webmoney wallet. If you already paid the order for "Aliexpress" with the help of him, then in case of a refund, there will be no problems, in principle. If you choose this method, you will be automatically transferred to the webmoney.transfer page, where you need to specify a login, a password, and also confirm the purchase via SMS or through the keeper application. Funds are transferred instantly.

"Yandex money"

The administration of "Aliexpress" has long gone to meet its Russian customers, creating a convenient method of payment with the help of the "Yandex.Money" service. You will automatically be transferred to the site with payment. It is necessary to enter a login and password on the Yandex service, then browse through the invoice, pay it by entering a payment password. After that you will be pleased with the message that the payment has passed.

On what and how to save

Very often one and the same goods on "Aliexpress" are presented by several sellers. You can choose the lowest cost possible, view reviews about the seller and the product, then save on what to buy cheaper.

Another good way to save money is on delivery. For example, when searching for a product, tick the free shipping box, which means "free shipping". The only downside - some sellers do not send a tracking number to track the parcel. Although this is rare.

The third way to save money is to ask for a discount or a gift. That is, in the comments to the order, you can indicate that another seller you saw the goods cheaper or would like to receive a bonus to purchase. Write, of course, you need in English, because Chinese salespeople in Russian understand little.

You can also save on the method of payment. So, for example, when transferring funds from a card, the commission is not withdrawn, for the most part, and the Webmoney service takes a standard commission of 0.8% of the payment amount. Carefully review these aspects when choosing a method of payment.


Before you pay for the order on "Aliexpress", carefully fill in all the delivery fields so that your parcel will come to you. In addition, correctly indicate your name and surname in order to receive the parcel. Choose a shipping method to save and sacrifice time or rather pick up your purchase. Remember that your money the seller receives only after you withdraw the parcel. All this time the funds are stored in the trading platform, which guarantees their safety and security.

Remember that before you pay the order for "Aliexpress", you can always contact the seller to specify the details of the future order. For example, the real size of the thing or packaging. Sometimes you can ask for additional packaging for a moderate fee or for free (with a sufficiently large order, Chinese sellers readily agree to this).

Before buying carefully read the description of the selected product, which is compiled by the seller and the most trading platform "Aliexpress." How to cancel a paid order, if suddenly changed their minds to buy a thing, but already made money for it? Contact the seller to get started. If the parcel has not been sent, it can cancel the purchase. If it has already been sent, then most likely you will have to wait for your order. Protection of buyers of the trading platform does not cover such cases. But if your order does not come within a strictly stipulated time (60 days), then you will definitely be refunded within three days, and the seller can either be fined or even blocked on the site.

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