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Starbucks in Moscow: addresses of coffee houses, menu and brand features

The company "Starbucks" has existed for almost 45 years, and for these long years it has established itself as one of the best coffee houses in the world, because in the vastness of our vast planet there are already 19,000 such establishments. Gradually developing, the network began to spread across many countries, and today attractive green signs can be found in 60 countries, including Russia. Most Starbucks coffeehouses in Moscow (addresses are listed below), but there is a high probability that soon they will be more in other cities.

A little bit about the brand ...

One day friends, two of whom were teachers, and one a writer, decided to give their home town of Seattle a store where real coffee beans and leaf tea would be sold. To open, they invested their own money, and each of them took a loan. They came up with a name (Starbucks - character Starbeck from the novel "Moby Dick", who drank a lot of coffee), chose the style of the interior - the classic marine - and began to realize their dreams. Then, in those distant 70s of the last century, none of the three friends could think that after a few decades the brand would become a favorite for many people. So the real coffee empire was born.

The logo for this time stylistically changed several times, but its meaning was preserved: a siren symbolizing distant lands, wherece coffee was supplied. The original today can only be seen on that same store in Seattle - a picture in a brown tone. The company is going to return it again, so, most likely, the Starbucks coffee shop in Moscow, whose addresses are known to many, will soon meet the guests in an old-new color.

Coffee menu and prices

There is a claim that the menu "Starbucks" is a list of the most caloric foods in the world. Take, for example, frappuchino, which contains 16 tablespoons of sugar! But why figures, if life is one, and you want to live it literally sweetly?

In the cafe to choose from, guests are offered a huge number of drinks. The coffee card is regularly replenished, there are some new varieties, no less delicious. In addition, a large selection of teas and syrups, as well as hot chocolate classic and with additives, refreshing drinks, irreplaceable in the hot season.

What is the coffee house without sweets? Baking here is also very diverse, and such delicious desserts are difficult to find elsewhere. They are waffles, croissants, cookies, cakes, even ice cream, cheesecakes, denish and muffins, sandwiches and salads.

The cost of portions can not be called high, if only relative to the prices in other cafes. But it's unlikely that their coffee can be compared to a similar drink from Starbucks in Moscow (addresses below). For example, a serving of cappuccino will cost an average of 200 rubles, American - 150, salads cost 220-230 rubles, and cheesecakes - 180.

Starbucks in Moscow: addresses

The list of them is as follows:

  • Arbat, 19.
  • BC "Moscow City", Presnenskaya Embankment, 10.
  • Business center "Dukat", Gasheka, 6.
  • Shopping center "Tulsky", B. Tulskaya, 11.
  • TC "Gallery Airport", Leningrad, 62A.
  • BC "Metropolis", Leningrad highway, 16/1.
  • BC "Four Winds", 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 21.
  • Fifth Avenue shopping center, Marshal Biryuzov, 32.
  • Shopping center "Pike", Schukinskaya, 42.
  • Shopping center "Zvezdochka", Pokryshkina, 4.
  • TC "Sokolniki", Rusakovskaya, 37-39.
  • Shopping center "Friendship", Novoslobodskaya, 4.

Addresses of coffee houses "Starbucks" in Moscow number more than 60 institutions, and each of them is filled with a special atmosphere. Therefore, all the guests feel comfortable and comfortable in any of the cafes, and they do not want to leave them at all. No wonder they say that "Starbucks" does not sell coffee, but the atmosphere, and all those who once visited this company agree with this statement.

Reviews about Moscow coffee houses "Starbucks"

The most interesting thing is that people who visited the cafe of this network, most often speak about the atmosphere, its uniqueness. They write that it is simply pleasant to be there. And, no matter what "Starbucks" was chosen in Moscow (addresses of coffee shops are listed above).

On the coffee itself, the reviews are contradictory. Someone says that he is no better than selling in coffee shops next door. Others argue that it is special and incomparable. As they say, how many people, so many opinions, and to understand their feelings, it is necessary to try.

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