Travel companies offer to visit the sunken "Titanic"

Almost 105 years after the Titanic sank, the two companies announced plans to organize deep-sea tours for courageous adventurers to survey the wreckage of the ship.

Exciting tours

Blue Marble Private and Bluefish said that this month they will start offering interesting tours, suggesting a dive to the location of the famous sunken Titanic liner. People will sink to the bottom in small submarines. The project will be translated into reality in the next year, 2018. Recall that as a result of a major shipwreck more than a half thousand people died at the site of the disaster. The tragedy of a huge scale occurred on April 15, 1912.

The route will take its origin from the Canadian island of Newfoundland. From there tourists will be delivered to the place where the flooded liner lies. They will be launched under the water in a bathyscaphe. The depth of the dive will be approximately 3200 meters.

The report of the eight-day excursion Blue Marble Private, which includes several dives according to the site of the travel company, will cost 105,129 US dollars per person. So informs the edition Refinery 29.

According to ABC, the company Blue Marble presented in a press release its six-figure tariff. As an equivalent, the value will be taken after inflation, which corresponds to the first-class tariff on the Titanic on its 1912 flight.

Bluefish offers its thirteen-day trips. Their total cost is $ 59,680. This is stated on the official website of the company. Each underwater tour assumes only one dive.

What will the passengers see?

In both cases, the passengers will see a view of the famous ship's deck and a stately staircase, which is a mute witness of a major catastrophe. It is located about 2.4 miles below the surface of the Atlantic. Also, Bluefish advertises views of the Marconi room from which the SOS signals of the sinking ship were transmitted, as well as the boilers and engines of the Titanic.

By advertising a trip on its website, Blue Marble presents it as a rare opportunity to get acquainted with what no one has ever seen.

"It is interesting that people who have traveled to outer space are much more numerous than people who visited the site of the Titanic flooding. Such a program is a single experience and an expedition designed only for those people who have a strong spirit, "- says the company's website.

According to the company, Bluefish is transporting passengers on such vessels as the MIR submarine. This vessel was used for underwater filming of the liner in the famous Hollywood film "Titanic."

Those who are interested in looking at the Blue Marble or Bluefish website should not expect sunbathing and endless cocktails. Instead, passengers will listen to lectures and scientific briefings.

Earlier such tours were already conducted

According to the previous report of CNN, such a tourist direction already existed. Deep Ocean Expedition was the last company to provide customers with the opportunity to dive to the Titanic. As reported, the company stopped its tours in 2012 because of the desire to "develop in a different direction."

"We were at the Titanic 1987 times, and it's time to do other things," said the expedition leader Rob McCallum in the news network.

Dive involves interesting training

According to the Blue Marble website, trips are planned using the Ocean Gate Inc. The partnership will provide direct opportunities for passengers who will allow them to interact with researchers, scientists, underwater pilots and crew of an expedition organized into deep sea seas.

The passengers will learn how to help the crew in the event of a disaster, how to operate the sonar, use the underwater navigation system and prepare an underwater vehicle for diving.

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