The InternetE-commerce reviews. Does the resource pay the money?

Today we are with you to find out which reviews about are left by the users and participants of the project. All this will help to understand what our today's hosting really is. After all, it is often advertised as a resource that helps to earn money using the Internet. Yes, and without any problems or trouble. That is, it's enough to sit at home, warm and cozy, perform simple tasks, and even get a good profit from classes. Very interesting suggestion. Only here reviews about the site ambiguous. And quickly find out that before us - the truth or divorce, will not work. Let's see what users think about this.

What the resource offers

To begin with, we will get acquainted with the main source of earnings on the service. After all, every site that positions itself as a virtual employer, has tasks that, when performed, the user gets paid. And in this sense reviews get very good. After all, the site offers us earnings on ... reading news.

It would seem that nothing special in this lesson. And no one will pay for visiting web pages, as well as for viewing news and articles. But, as practice shows, this is not so. Many are willing to pay for the so-called promotion of your site or news. And someone learned to earn money on it. And, the analysis of which we are conducting, is based precisely on this lesson. No deception or anything incomprehensible.

Passive income

Plus, on this resource you can also receive additional passive income. And, as in many cases, there are several options for the development of events.

The first way is a referral system. For the invitation of the user you receive a fee. Plus, from the moment of its registration, 15% of the guest's earnings will be credited to your account. A good method of passive extra work.

The second way is to participate in some contests held by the resource. So, taking the first places, you can receive cash prizes. Sometimes they are very large. And it is for this that receives good reviews. However, at this moment all the advantages of the system end. And the doubts about the plausibility of the resource begin.


For example, it would be nice to pay attention to such an item as the payment for the tasks you completed. In this plan reviews get already questionable. After all, the cost of the news is too high - about 7-8 rubles. And with all this, hold for "reading" 2-5 seconds is enough. Then you can proceed to the next article.

If you compare these figures with similar sites, then all doubts will become clear. The same time-tested SEOsprint pays for reading the news 5-15 cents. And with all this waiting for the next transition is 30 seconds. Count the difference, and you will understand why the doubts are so great. It is unlikely that someone will pay 8 rubles for one news, and moreover guarantee that the tasks will not end. They do not really end with Plusnovost. And on similar resources, as a rule, this kind of back is not enough to ensure a stable earning.

Also pay attention to the fact that checking and feedback about the site indicate the questionable conditions of the referral system. For the person invited to the project you are offered a payment of 300 rubles. It's too much. In general, similar sites pay the referral invitation for 10-15 rubles. But about the interest received from your friend's earnings, the reviews are normal. 15-20% is the norm for most sites.


Much attention should be given to such an item as "Contacts" on any virtual resource of earnings. In this regard, the comments and comments received by are mixed. Similar sites for earnings in relation to reading news, to be honest, are already better known, and users are trusted to the leadership. But not in the case of the resource "Pluschnost."

Why? The thing is that the company is registered in the USA. In any case, it is written in the corresponding section. But the site's management is Russian. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the plausibility of the resource. In addition, if you look at the map, then at the specified address you will not find any branch or head office of the "Pluschnost" service. Suspicious, is not it?

As practice shows - all this indicates the presence of fraud. reviews, of course, very often receive as a site that simply breeds people to visit certain pages. And with all this, the money you earned does not come to the account. In your account, they will be displayed, even in the withdrawal section of the funds, the translation will be drawn. But replenishment of the account will not happen.

Withdrawal of funds

Suppose you still decided to see what represents in practice and registered on this resource. And even worked for a while. The time has come to withdraw money from the system. This is where the main problems begin.

The first is the minimum amount for making a payment. In principle, if you take into account the earnings on "Plusnovosti", then it's not so much. But still the amount is decent.

Second - the withdrawal of funds is directly to the electronic wallet. For example, "WebMoney" or "Yandex.Money." True, the payment is about 2 weeks. Too long, because then it will be necessary to withdraw money from the electronic wallet to a bank card (as many do). You'll have to worry in advance about the withdrawal of funds from the "Plus".

Among other things, receives negative feedback on earnings payments, because no money, as already mentioned above, is sent to an electronic account. Yes, and money (already available) disappear miraculously. It is unlikely to return them. Therefore, does not pay. Reviews about the resource for this reason become negative. Moreover, the system steals available funds from users' accounts. Is there another fraud in front of us?

Site Structure

If you still do not know whether a divorce is before us or a really good resource that pays for reading news and articles, then it's time to pay attention to such a thing as the structure of the site. In most cases, scammers do not bother about this and create a variety of web pages with a similar design. Sometimes you can find even identical resources, in which only the name differs. And, of course, leadership.

Already on the main page we can say that before us is nothing like another "scam". After all, the design of the site is identical to a similar resource called "Newsactive." The only thing that differs from them is a couple of pictures, as well as the name of the company.

Carefully take a closer look at the "question-answer" section. It is 100% identical text, as well as similar sites. No firm will allow this omission. The filling of the work page must be original and competent. But scammers do not attach importance to these "trifles". It is better to avoid "Plusnovosti", so as not to be deceived.

Positive feedback is fraud

But whence at such a questionable from all sides of the site there are so many good reviews? Yes, and with confirmation as a video and screen screens. The answer is extremely simple - all this is nothing but another deception. Positive comments and opinions about the resource "Pliusnost" are simply bought from people. That is, someone was paid for writing nice and flattering words about the site.

Where do the videos and screenshots supposedly confirm the page's performance? Any schoolboy will cope with this task. A little knowledge in editing videos and photos - and you can forge any picture or movie. Just these methods are used to attract the audience to


What conclusion can be drawn from our conversation today? Of course, that "Plius" - this is nothing like another scam. Yes, it does not require you to make initial investments, but everyone can lose money already available on the electronic wallet. And to join the project is not worth it.

If you really want to make money on reading news and pages, then contact the trusted exchanges. For example, SEOsprint. Here, of course, the gold mountains do not earn, but as an initial earnings site is quite fit. And no deception. So, look carefully where you are going to register, so as not to be deceived.

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