How to use the garden root eliminator?

Working in the garden is difficult, but necessary. Who likes to weed the beds? Perhaps, there are such, but most of the truckers are trying to facilitate the task, speed it up, getting to help various garden tools. Root crop eliminator is a very important thing in the farm, with its help you can even pull spines with long roots. We offer you to familiarize yourself first with the more expensive root cultivator, then go on to the cheap models that are also very easy to use.

Choosing a cultivator-root eliminator

When deciding to purchase such an assistant, do not choose the cheapest tool created by an unfamiliar firm. First, study reviews about products, and then buy. The first thing that a summer resident should take into account is the functions that a garden root-cultivator can perform. Do not spare the money and think about a person who will plow the land and loosen it, and root it up. Second: consultants always offer the most expensive product first. Look at the power, and if you do not have a field, but a small country plot, then take one that is less powerful, which means it's cheaper!

Features of the cultivator-root crop eliminator

How nice to come to the garden, quickly finish all the planned things and spend the rest of the weekend at the fire, frying a deserved shish kebab! With the root cultivator it is quite possible. Let's talk about the advantages of the unit.

  1. With this device, you can not only remove the roots, but also prepare holes for planting, plow the land for planting, steadily loosen. And all this without a shovel!
  2. Do not have all day in a bent state to wade from the garden to the bed. With such a mechanism, you will work standing up, almost without effort.
  3. All the garden works are made several times faster, you have a lot of time and energy.

Now we suggest to learn how to use the garden root.


There are many manufacturers of such units, but their use is no different. It is necessary to install the device at the weeds, turn the handle so that the teeth of the nozzle will dig into the soil and begin to loosen it, removing all the weeds with the roots using a lifting mechanism. Reviews of such units say that they can remove all the grass, which is manually torn off, and not pulled out with a spine.

The drawbacks of this miracle are that it is not suitable for weeding the beds with "trifles". The appliance can pull out all root crops at the same time, so for such weeding it is necessary to use the usual garden root eliminator.

Simple root eliminator

Everybody knows how hard it is to dig a dandelion firmly from the ground with a root or get rid of horseradish. Specially for the control of weeds, a garden root root was created. Of course, you can try and shovel, but still this tool is more convenient, simple and easy, you do not need to exert much effort. The handle can be simply wooden or metal with a rubber nozzle which will allow to hold the tool more firmly in a hand. The garden root is always in contact with moist soil, so choose one that is made of stainless steel. There are reinforced root eliminators, which require even less physical investment, so they are more popular than the simplest ones, and are not much more expensive.

Terms of Use

Many beginning gardeners, looking at such a tool, can simply become confused. Particularly frightening of this tool of women: an incomprehensible useless thing to use. In practice, it is very easy to use the garden root eliminator. The instrument has antennae, it is necessary to press it into the ground next to the weed so that they are at the edges of the harmful plant. After this, you need to press the lever in the opposite direction to the root. Antennae will vop'yutsya in the soil, hook the root as deeply as possible and take it out. That's all, you will have to move the plant into a pit with humus.

Reviews of the root canal

Many gardeners have already adopted a garden root eliminator. Reviews of all only positive, especially like the tool for retirees and women who are hard to use a shovel. They write that it is very easy for them to use, especially having adapted. The grass began to grow with the use of root extractor, it is necessary to weed less and less. They praise for convenience, they say that the device seems "clumsy" at first sight, but once you try it, you realize how much easier it is for a shovel!

Many wrote comments that they found another advantage of the tool - it is not necessary to treat the soil with chemicals from various weeds. This is also very harmful for cultural plantations that can die. And if they grow up in poisoned earth, that is, they are already somehow scary.

In general, solid positive characteristics, no matter how the garden root canal - mechanical or manual!

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