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What is a hold? Detailed analysis

The article describes what a hold is, what it is for, what types of transport have a hold and what is its role in the modern world.

Ancient times

The wide development of all the continents of our planet began only in the XVII century, and before that the range of human habitation was limited only to the lands where they were born and lived all their lives. The reason for such restrictions were the seas, oceans and imperfect methods of navigation, or even their absence. If, for example, you can explore the distant and wild lands of your continent or island on foot and on horseback, then the water spaces become an insurmountable barrier to our ancestors.

But gradually everything changed, and people began to learn seafaring. However, for a long time all sea voyages were only swimming in the visibility zone of the shore, for there was no navigation.

Over time, the first methods and instruments of navigation were created, and then the wide development of water spaces and the discovery of new lands that were on other continents began. And almost no ship could do without a hold. So what is a hold, what is it for and what vehicles (except ships) there are? In this we will understand.


According to the encyclopedia, the hold is the interior space of the ship between the deck and the bottom or the second bottom. In simple terms, this is a room that you need to keep cargo, various supplies or shelter for sailors. So now we know what the hold is.

Initially, the ship's structures did not provide a hold. These include Drakkary. They were easier to manufacture, and the entire cargo with people was located on the deck. But as the range of sea voyage increased, there was a need for a large quantity of supplies or accommodation for sailors, since only one fish caught during the voyage can not solve the problem of hunger, and even on the upper deck one can not live in any weather. And over time, the hold became an integral part of almost any ship.

So we figured out what a hold is. However, in what form of transport is there still a hold, except ships?


With the development of aircraft construction and regular passenger flights, there was gradually a need for cargo compartments. The reason for this was the constant modernization of aircraft, increasing the carrying capacity and popularity of flights among people who wanted to take their personal luggage on their journey. So the hold of the air vessel serves as a compartment designed for various cargo, both for passenger, and for cargo or military aircraft.

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