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Smartphone Nokia N9: a review, features and reviews

The Finnish company Nokia has always been famous for its unusual solutions in terms of developing new models. One of these can be called Nokia N9 - a smartphone that changes the idea of mobile phones in principle.

In this article we will talk about this smartphone and find out what it is so special about, and for what reason it should pay attention.

The concept of performance on the "other" OS

Just want to note that the phone came out in 2011, so now, you can say, it is somewhat outdated. However, due to its concept, the phone does not lose relevance to this day. And it's all about the approach applied by the developers.

The phone was not released on the familiar (already at that time) Android, but on the little-known platform MeeGo. This is a Linux-oriented system presented a year earlier (in 2010). Work on the project involved Intel, Microsoft and Nokia. Therefore, it is not surprising that the latter began to sell the phone on this OS.

A logical question arises: "Why this system? Is it better than Android? ". In this and the matter - Nokia presented the device on an unpopular, but optimized system.

In view of the fact that MeeGo was not available for any applications and games in high quality and with a set of relevant requirements (technical nature), the developers managed to release the most high-speed phone, not burdened, like other smartphones on popular OS. This approach has earned the attention of many users - the device really reacts quickly to all the commands, does not hang and does not overload.

But from the general view of the phone, let's move on to more obvious things, for example - design. It is with him that each user's acquaintance with the next device begins.


It can be seen that the manufacturers have worked hard on the appearance of the Nokia N9. The phone looks impressive enough due to the monolithic case, which does not contain any slits. Even the holes for the SIM card and the connectors from the charger and headphones are located on the bottom panel. In addition, they are closed with special stubs, thus creating a security effect.

Everything that stands out on the rounded case of the model is just the side keys for adjusting the sound and locking / unlocking the display. And then, thanks to a special technology, you can also turn on the screen of the device with two short presses on the screen.

As for the finishing material, the Nokia N9 features a special matte plastic, which has several functions. Firstly, it's decorative, because the phone looks attractive enough. Secondly, you can talk about protection from scratches and bumps. The matte surface does not spoil even the wiping - so your phone will not lose its appearance under any circumstances. In addition, it should be mentioned a set of special covers. They have different colors, so each user is given the opportunity to choose a color scheme for their Nokia N9 individually.


Of course, the next screen is to discuss the device screen - the main element in the management of any smartphone. If we talk about our model, then the size of its display is only 3.9 inches. At a resolution of 480 by 854 pixels, the image on it can be called acceptable for work - only fine graininess is observed in case of approach. To protect the screen is used glass, developed by technology Gorilla Glass (first generation). It is believed that it withstands bumps and resists scratching.

Processor and Filling

Since we're talking about a phone that went on the market in 2011, do not expect that it has a super-powerful processor that shows the performance wonders. In fact, there is ARM Cortex-A8, which has a clock frequency of 1 GHz. It would seem that by the standards of modern smartphones this is not so much, however, I repeat, for the operating system MeeGo specifically on this device this is quite enough. Moreover, the gadget does not need to reproduce cumbersome games, filled with graphics, in view of their absence under the specified OS, which was mentioned earlier.


The device has a fairly powerful camera, the resolution of the matrix is 8 megapixels. In fact, if you run it, it resembles a Nokia N8 camera . True, the reviews note a lower quality of the images.

This device has several additional functions to create better images. In particular, this is an automatic focusing, color distribution; If we talk about video - it's also the possibility of shooting in HD-quality.

The conclusion is that for the amateur session, the camera phone is quite suitable - with Nokia N9 (firmware that will be installed on the device does not matter) you will get a series of photos that you can show your relatives. However, with the transfer of colors in the apparatus of the problem - the main part of the picture is simply "lightened".


The gadget, despite the release date, is actually equipped with communication technologies at the level of a modern device. In particular, you can note the GPS module (together with the Nokia-map application it allows you to navigate the terrain, determine the location and so on), as well as support for 3G. As for the Internet, here it is possible to work also via WiFi.

In addition to these "basic", the Nokia N9 also installed the option NFC - the ability to pay using a smartphone at a short distance (up to 10 centimeters). However, as practice and user reviews show, this function is used very little and rarely.


Of course, in any device, the duration of its operation is important. The technical regulation states that the batteries will last approximately 1 day of intensive and 2-3 - medium-sized operation of the Nokia N9. Chinese "clone", of course, will hold much less - so do not recommend buying it.

In general, the claimed capacity is 1450 mAh, which allows talking about a fairly long work. Moreover, it is necessary to consider what operating system Nokia N9 is on. Android could hardly give such a performance, which you can talk with MeeGo. Therefore, it can be called a strong point of the smartphone.


Recommendations on the Nokia N9, the price of which was only about 12 thousand rubles, a lot. Most of them are positive, noting the simplicity and, at the same time, the functionality of this model. Some users call the phone such that it has a basic set of functions (calls, SMS, browser) and, in addition, looks quite solid.

There are, of course, negative comments. To understand what the phone is, you need to read them. About Nokia N9, they note: inadequate number of settings (this is probably due to the fact that the operating system here is much simpler than Android); A weak speaker for listening to music without headphones; Primitive music player (not satisfying the requirements of music lovers). Also, the "minus" can be attributed to the lack of the ability to view and modify office documents; Lack of space on the device with 16GB of memory (since in fact there is only 9 available). Therefore, regarding the last drawback, you can advise taking a version with 32 or 64 gigabytes. As it becomes clear from this specification, you can not expand the volume with a memory card here.

A number of reviews refer to the inability to update the operating system - since, obviously, MeeGo is something of the type of a "one-time" product and, as we see, Nokia does not develop it in a separate direction. Therefore, if the user has detected some flaw or error in the operation of the system - most likely, it will no longer be corrected.


As a result, we can say the following. In this article, we described a good (from any point of view) smartphone, which has a lot of advantages. This is a fairly smart processor, which allows to ensure stable operation of the device. The phone case does not differ anything special, but it still looks nice and has a lot of strength to protect the phone while in operation Nokia N9. The display of the device also deserves praise due to the colorful picture and, in principle, a high level of protection. Optional features - communication modules, browser, navigation system - everything works smoothly, quickly and accurately. Separately, you can mention a capacious battery.

The interface of the operating system is simple and understandable, so the verdict for this device is "why not?". The device copes with its tasks perfectly, and if you take into account its age, it is clear that the phone deserves only praise. Let's just say: this is a worthy alternative to Android and even iOS as of 2011. Particular attention should be paid to those who, in addition to the modern model, need a second smartphone - exclusively for work.

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