Nokia N1 Tablet Review

At the Mobile World Congress 2015, the Finnish organization Nokia presented the first tablet with the Android operating system - Nokia N1. The gadget at first glance seems quite curious. But in order to evaluate its work in full, it is necessary to conduct a detailed review of this technical novelty.


Our acquaintance needs to start with packaging. The first thing you can see is a neat black box. She perfectly copes with the functions assigned to her. After opening it, immediately you will see a tablet Nokia N1. Running ahead, you can say: he's handsome! Together with it the manufacturer delivers the network adapter and USB-cable. The latter is made according to a new pattern and belongs to the standard type Type C. And, of course, every buyer will find in the box the instruction. It is worth noting that the information in it is presented fairly clearly, therefore it will not be possible to deal with the functions of large work.

Design Nokia N1

Review the tablet you need to start with an external design. Of course, we will not deviate from the generally accepted rules. The design of the gadget is very similar to the model iPad Mini. However, the company can not be blamed for plagiarism, since the device has individual features and is equipped in accordance with the latest technologies.

So, here are a few characteristics:

  • The body is made of anodized aluminum, but plus or minus - it's difficult to solve, because the panels are easily contaminated.
  • 7.9-inch screen with the proportions of the edges 4: 3 and the dissolution of 2560 x 1536, the frequency of pixels 324.
  • The power button is located on top, which is quite convenient.
  • The screen is protected from above by glass Gorilla Glass 3. There are no censures about the screen, it does not give a bad picture, colors, without distorting them even when the display is turned.
  • The front camera is 5 Мрх, the main one is 8 Мрх.
  • The event sensor is placed above the screen.
  • Standard (3.5 mm) microphone and headphone jack.

You can see that the manufacturer tried in every possible way to improve its device. For example, in order to remove the gadget from the lock mode, you do not need to constantly reach the corresponding button. This is possible, because on the device Nokia N1 provides for unlocking by double tapping the screen with your finger. However, there is one important point: you can not install a lock on the tablet in the same way.

Advantages of the new gadget

The stereo speakers are on the bottom, next to the USB connector. This is very convenient, since the connector can be connected with an arbitrary input. The Nokia N1 is the debut gadget with the Android system.

Since the edges of the tablet are rounded, it is quite pleasantly placed in the palm of the hand, both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, the gadget is comfortable to use to watch video, while working in applications and entering games.


The basis of the device is a quad-core Intel Z3580 processor, designed for 64 bits. It provides fast processing of information, since it has a frequency of 2.3 GHz. Power VR G6430 is the application responsible for graphical execution. Also, the gadget has 2 GB of operational memory. This bundle is quite good even for complex programs, applications and games. The device performed well during everyday operation. Let's notice, at vigorous use Nokia N1 strongly it is heated on the right butt, and it is well appreciable.

Let's talk about cameras

The main camera has a resolution of 8 Mpx, there is no flash, but there is autofocus. With its help, you can make good shots according to the criteria that are adopted for the tablets. The front camera is somewhat worse, has a solution of 5 Mpx. For video calls and selfies it is quite enough.


Function Nokia N1 on Android 5.0.2 Lolliopop. This is a fundamentally new operating system, its feature is the proprietary ZLauncher shell.

What are its advantages? Let us single out the main ones:

  • Immediately displays hours and a list of programs that were not so long ago in use;
  • Easy svayp to the right side - and the screen opens a full list of installed applications in alphabetical order, which is very convenient.

Having drawn the first letter of the program name on the screen with your fingertip, you will immediately see the entire list available. You can also use this method to search the Internet. This makes the work with the gadget quite comfortable and easy.

But there were some shortcomings. These include the lack of a connector for a memory card (you will have to do with the 32 GB RAM), as well as having only one method of connecting to the Internet - Wi-Fi (there is no 3G version). Such nuances can upset some users.


The Nokia N1 has a built-in non-removable battery with a capacity of 5300 mAh. This means that the device will recharge for 24 hours without recharging. However, it is necessary to take into account that working with "heavy" programs, applications and games will shorten the time almost fivefold, that is, the device will work only 4-5 hours.

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