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"Micromax Bolt D303": hardware and software specifications, testimonials. The Micromax Bolt D303 is an excellent entry-level device.

Detailed information for the potential buyer will be provided in the framework of this material on "Micromax D303" (technical parameters, software component and feedback). The Micromax Bolt D303 is an economy class smartphone with a small screen and a modest filling. Its main advantage is democratic value. It is his strengths and weaknesses that will be examined in detail in this material.

Niche and design

Modest technical and software specifications indicate that the "Mikromaks D303" is an "intelligent" entry-level phone. This is a 2-core CPU, and only 512MB of random-access memory, and a diagonal of 4-inch display. The case at this device is a typical monoblock with the possibility of touch input. There are three variants of its color registration: black, blue and green. The most popular is the last option - smartphone Micromax Bolt D303 GREEN. Reviews indicate that such design makes the device bright and unusual. A display is displayed on the front panel. Above the display there is a conversational speaker and a front camera. At the bottom is the control panel with 3 touch keys. On the bottom edge of the gadget there is only a hole of the spoken microphone. On the opposite side there are wire ports: "audio jack" and "microUSB".

On the left is the device lock button, and on the right is the volume control of the smartphone. On the back cover the main camera and its illumination are displayed. Also here is the logo of the manufacturer. Separately, it should be noted the equipment of this device. In addition to the gadget with a battery, an interface cord, a charger and a set of documentation, it also includes a stereo headset and a protective cover.

Hardware Gadget

A time-tested 2-modular chip underlies any device in this line, including the Micromax Bolt D303 GREEN. Reviews highlight a very low level of its performance. But there is nothing special about this: 2 cores based on the "A7" architecture and with a maximum frequency of 1.3 GHz can not boast phenomenal performance. But still it is enough to solve most everyday tasks. Slots for SIM cards in this case 2. There is also a slot for the memory card. Its maximum size can be 32 GB. A modest memory subsystem in this device, and without a memory card will be difficult to do. Again, this indicates the feedback. The Micromax Bolt D303 boasts 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of integrated data storage. The display in this gadget has a diagonal of 4 inches, and its resolution is 800x480. The screen matrix is manufactured using the TFT technology and as a result, when the screen is rotated from the right angle, the colors are distorted. For processing graphic data, the gadget is equipped with a graphic accelerator "Mali-400MP".

The front camera boasts a sensor element of 0.3 Mp. This is enough only for making video calls. In the main chamber, this value is increased to 3.2 MP. With a good level of illumination, this allows you to get quite good shots. The capacity of the complete removable battery is 1300 mAh. This is enough for 1 day of active use. So you have to put this device on charge every night. The current output in the charger is 0.7 mA. That is, on average, a full charge will take about 2 hours.

Software part

Under the control of software such as "Android", the smartphone is Micromax Bolt D303. Reviews highlight that his version is quite outdated - "4.4". But this is not the biggest problem of this gadget in the software part. These devices are sold in the branded salons of Megafon. As a result, they can work only with SIM cards of the same name. Of course, folk craftsmen have already managed to unlock this device and make it work with other operators. But this operation is rather complicated and it is not recommended for beginners to perform it: the phone can completely break down.

Reviews about the device and its cost

The key plus of this model is a very modest price of 2000 rubles. Add to this quite a good appearance and the most popular color design - green. As it was mentioned earlier, the most demanded among the entire line of devices is the smartphone Micromax Bolt D303 GREEN. Reviews Young people are distinguished by its unusual. Also note the acceptable quality of the display. Let the hardware stuffing of the gadget be modest enough, but it will be enough for WEB surfing, reading books, listening to audio recordings, watching movies and other undemanding tasks. Only with the most demanding toys does he have problems. This is indicated by the reviews. Micromax Bolt D303 - This is an entry level gadget and for its niche this is an excellent solution.


A balanced solution of the initial level turned out this device. This is primarily indicated by feedback. The Micromax Bolt D303 is an excellent budget smartphone for every day. It is perfect for those who need a gadget at a reasonable price.

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