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Useful applications for iPhone: an overview of the most popular programs

The applications that Apple offers for the smartphone, now more and more, and choose from them the most interesting and the best is quite difficult. Therefore, it is worth reviewing some of them, those that are most popular.

Speaking of what useful applications for the iPhone there are, it should be noted Pocket. This program allows you to save interesting information in the form of articles or videos, and then not only get acquainted with it, but also edit at your discretion. The application is simple and convenient. You can add the liked article to "Favorites" or to share it with friends in social. Networks. The only drawback is that the utility does not have a Russian version, however, without it, understanding the program is quite simple.

Calling useful applications for the iPhone, it should be noted Speedometer. This program shows how fast you are moving, receiving this information using a GPS sensor. This application is free.

The program AirDisplay is useful to those who are experiencing a deficit of working space on the monitor. The application costs a little more than 300 rubles, but before buying it, it is worth considering whether you really need it. Utility allows you to use the device as an additional monitor. It's convenient to display playlists from a music player, some tools from such programs as Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.

It is impossible to name the most useful iPhone applications. After all, they are all individual and their choice, first of all, depends on the preferences of the owner of the gadget. For example, travelers may be interested in LINGOPAL 44. This program is not just an interpreter, but a universal phrasebook that supports audio in more than forty languages. Phrases in it are divided into categories, so it's easy to find the right one. The application has a Russian-language interface and fairly simple settings.

In addition, "Yandex Navigator" can be useful on the road. A similar program exists in Google. Such useful applications for iPhone 4 will not only help you on long journeys, but also in your native country, as it shows traffic jams, routes are laid, and approximate travel time is calculated. A feature of this program is the presence of voice search, which is not available for all such utilities.

Calling the useful applications for the iPhone, designed for students and students, you need to mention MyScript Calculator. This is not an ordinary calculator, as it may seem. The interface of the program resembles a notebook sheet. The only thing here is the buttons "up", "down" and "clear". On the sheet, the expression is written with handwritten text, and then the application itself will put an equal sign and produce the result. This program greatly facilitates the life of students who are not "friends" with mathematics.

Useful applications for the iPhone are used in various areas and were originally designed to allow owners to use their gadget to the maximum. Having chosen the necessary program, you can be sure that it will have a convenient interface. Useful applications for the iPhone are divided into free and those that you will need to buy. Therefore, it is only necessary to determine what exactly you expect from your smartphone, and after download and install the utility.

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