Bulk handmade articles made from paper with children

It's amazing, but a simple piece of paper in skillful hands can become a real work of art. It's not just about painting. Origami, quilling, papier-mache, scrapbooking and appliqué - all these techniques are basically paper. With their help you can create interesting crafts with your own hands. It can be paintings, boxes, photo albums or even animals. But the most important thing is that even a child can create such beauty. Especially if parents or teachers help him in this matter.

Volumetric applications

Using the technique of application, you can create not just pictures, but real bulk paper crafts with your own hands. The whole point is how to do the work. She will need a sheet of cardboard for the base, glue, scissors, a simple pencil and, of course, a lot of colored paper. But first you need to decide what will be done. If you plan to make a picture with a child, it is advisable to choose simple and understandable plots, for example, a forest clearing or a bouquet of flowers.

Forest clearing with own hands

So, it was decided to make a real forest clearing. To produce it you will need:

- colored paper (the more colors, the better);

- a dense cardboard on which all will be fixed;

- PVA glue;

- Scissors, and preferably two pairs, so that you can cut out together;

- simple pencils;

- felt-tip pens;

- A frame for registering work in a picture.

First you need to chart the story on the cardboard. For this draw a schematic future glade: grass, leaves and flowers. Especially it is not worth trying, in the future this sketch will be completely covered by a three-dimensional application.

Now it's time to cut the blanks. Sheets can be cut using living leaves brought in advance from a forest walk, like stencils. If they are not, you can draw it manually.

But with flowers you have to tinker a bit. To make a chrysanthemum, you can cut colored paper into strips 8-10 cm long and 3-4 cm wide. Then you need to make cuts across to a depth of 2-2.5 cm, roll into a spiral and bend the edges. Gluing the tip - and the first flower is ready!

Color chrysanthemums can be supplemented with white daisies and bright hyacinths. Make them even easier. From the paper you need to cut the petals, on each draw a longitudinal strip with a felt-tip pen. The tone should be slightly darker than a sheet of paper.

It remains to collect a clearing on a sheet of cardboard. If it is a clearing, the base must be green. Now you first need to paste the sheets. So that they turn out to be three-dimensional, we glue them only at the base and slightly bend outwards.

In pre-planned places we glue chrysanthemums and collect from petals chamomile and hyacinths. It remains to complement the flowers with beautiful centers of yellow cardboard, draw small parts with felt-tip pens, and voluminous articles made of colored paper are ready!

Photo album design

Using the idea of all the same applications, you can make yourself a whole photo album. Such voluminous crafts made of paper made by themselves, have received the name scrapbooking. However, many do not dare to undertake such work, because they simply do not know where to start. Those who make their scrapbook for the first time can use the finished book as a basis. They can be purchased at specialized stores. Now it remains only to decide on the choice of topic. It is she who sets the tone for the rest of the design. It can be a wedding, an anniversary, a vacation or any other memorable event.

Figures from papier-mache

Create bulk paper crafts with your own hands can also be in the style of papier-mâché. Using this simple technique allows you to get real masterpieces. And such figures can be made from old newspapers or even toilet paper. The beauty of the finished craft entirely depends on the finish painting. Parents can do this part of the work themselves. But the pasting and shaping the figure is quite possible even for the student. It is based on a wire and foil framework. Even at this stage, you can give the product the desired shape. With the help of papier-mache make plates, cups and other utensils. Interesting handmade papier-mache, made by the hands of famous needlewomen, even became the property of world museums.

Japanese origami

Being able to think differently than most other nations, the Japanese came up with how to create three-dimensional paper crafts from a rectangular sheet. Animals are most often used as a source of inspiration in this art. It was called origami. The main condition for creating figures is to use only paper, and nothing more. But to get really beautiful voluminous articles made of paper, schemes for origami crafts are simply necessary. They will prompt where and how to bend the sheet, so that step by step it turns into the desired figure.

It can be anything, from a boat to a crane. One example of this work is shown in the figure above.

Patterns of strips of paper

And, perhaps, the most amazing way to use paper to create paintings is quilling. From simple strips twisted into spirals of varying density, you can create real works of art, although they will have to show a lot of patience when they are made. That's why it's worth collecting the whole family for such work.

As for any other crafts, you first need to decide what should happen in the end. The schoolboy will be easiest to start with small pictures depicting bouquets of flowers or animals.


Whatever voluminous articles made of paper by their own hands were made with the children, they will certainly help to bring the whole family closer together, they will please everyone with pleasant memories. And this is the most important thing in any work!

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