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Tartlets with filling

Tartlets are prepared in two ways - baked separately,
And then fill with filling, or immediately baked with stuffed ones. This simple and
A spectacular snack is perfect for both normal breakfast and
A buffet table and a festive table. The basis for tartlets can be bought already ready
In the store or bake yourself.

To prepare the dough, you need 1 egg, 120 g of butter and 230 g of flour. It is necessary to mix the cubes of chilled butter with flour to the state of crumbs, and then add the egg and knead. The dough should be cooled for an hour, and then rolled and baked in molds.

Tartlets with a filling can be prepared in baskets of puff pastry. To do this, the finished dough needs to be cut into squares and folded in the form
Boats. After the baskets are ready, they can be filled with anything.

Tartlets with shrimps and pesto sauce

This tasty and beautiful snack will add Italian flavor to any table. To prepare this dish you will need tiger shrimps, Parmesan, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil and garlic. For the sauce in the blender, grind the basil leaves with olive oil, add pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. Snack tartlets filled with sauce, top to lay peeled shrimp and half a cherry tomato. Bake tartlets in the oven for about 10-12 minutes, until the shrimp becomes pink.

Tartlets with avocado filling and red caviar

Avocado must be cleaned and removed. Pulp with a fork or crushed in a blender, add a little lemon juice. Mousse from avocado spread in baskets and decorate with red caviar.

Elegant tartlets with cheese and cheese stuffing

To make the filling, mix the soft curd cheese with finely chopped herbs and garlic. You need to fill the baskets with cheese mass, decorate with pieces of sweet pepper, yellow and red.

Tartlets with Parma ham

This elegant snack is prepared with ham, feta cheese, pear and lettuce leaves, resulting in an excellent combination of ingredients. Put a leaf of lettuce in a basket, then thin slices of a pear and cubes of cheese. A little olive oil is mixed with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with tartlets. Over spread the cut ham with ham, decorate with greens.

Tartlet with salmon

This gorgeous snack looks very impressive. For its preparation
Some slices of red fish will be needed, soft curd cheese, a little
Lemon juice, sprig of dill. Cheese cottage cheese is mixed with chopped dill and lemon juice is added. This filling should be filled with tartlets and top
Decorate with slices of fish and dill sprigs.

Fruit tartlets

To prepare this dessert you need any berries, a little liquor, strawberry or raspberry confiture, fatty sour cream and a little chocolate. First mix confiture with sour cream and warm it up a little. Add the liquor and pieces of chocolate. The resulting filling is spread into a basket and cooled for about half an hour. Top spread fresh berries and thoroughly lubricate them with a warmed mixture of confiture and liquor, then cool again.

Tartlets with jam

To make this simple dessert, take any jam, whipped cream, ready baskets for tartlets and chocolate. The basket is filled to half with jam, whipped cream is put on top of it. From above dessert is sprinkled with chocolate, grated on a large grater.

In principle, tartlets can be with any filling, for example, with your favorite salad. Delicious tartlets are obtained by baking
Them with julienne. Prepare julien according to a traditional recipe, then fill it with
Baskets and sent to the oven.

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