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Sony ST27i: features and reviews

Phone Sony Xperia ST27i, which will be discussed today, is presented by the Japanese developer as a youth solution and is in the budget segment. The device can not boast of extremely high technical characteristics, in comparison even with its direct and nearest competitors. Nevertheless, the device managed to occupy a favorable position in the market, and it gained really impressive popularity. This suggests that there is something fascinating in this once-novelty smartphone market. Well, if so, let's take a look at the smartphone in detail. So, get acquainted, Sony Xperia Go.


Today we will not act as usual. We will not give the technical characteristics at the beginning, but we will do this at the end of the review to draw a line under everything that will be said. But first things first. What do we have in this case? Before us lies Sony Xperia GO ST27I. The screen diagonal is 3.5 inches, as in the old good fourth iPhone. The resolution does not really spoil users, only 480 by 320 pixels. I would like to note that with such a budget, we have quite good viewing angles. In parallel, you can note a good margin of brightness so that you can read the text in sunlight.

In general, users are in favor of the fact that for its class the device has not just a good screen, but, it can be said, optimal. By the way, the display has a special coating. It makes it possible to work with it even if there is water on the screen itself. It is useful to those people who often work with smartphones with wet hands. So to speak, very impatient people. Excellent solution for regular use near the sea. Interestingly, this model stands out from its segment through the use of mineral glass. For a state employee this is unusual.


Sometimes there are cases when the Sony ST27I does not turn on. Partly this problem is connected just with the hardware hardware. But what is it here? Immediately make a reservation: on the smartphone there is an operating system of the "Android" family. Its version is 2.3.7. A number of changes have been made to the shell. The specialists of the Japanese company worked on them. Changes have affected the design, as well as the interface as a whole. And now from general words to specific names.


As a chipset, the device NovaThor U8500 is installed. It works with two cores of the generation "Cortex A9". The processor clock frequency of the processor is one gigahertz. The amount of RAM is small - only 512 MB. As we can see, everything here is within the budget rules. Another thing is preinstalled software. That's what really is the reason for a separate conversation.


Qualitatively designed slider lock. When using the Sony Xperia ST27I, the movement will have to do a lot. From left to right, we can remove the lock from the screen of the device. If we hold from right to left, then activate the camera. At the bottom, by default, there are four icons at once. What are they represented? The first icon is a folder with additional programs. They can be used by people who lead an active lifestyle. The second - the transition to a company store. The third is to open the text messages menu. Fourth - to open the menu with calls.


It should be noted that there are branded floating wallpapers. They are beautiful enough. By default, they are blue. However, the user has the right to decide what they should be a shade. The spectrum of active programs is presented by a compass, a speedometer, the FigureRunner utility, a program for using the flash as a flashlight and another utility from Adidas. It is designed for training. What awaits us, except this software?

Additional programs and widgets

Their Sony ST27i is not so little. For example, there is a widget that allows you to control wireless interfaces, as well as change the brightness level, activate flight mode, enable and disable navigation and other similar functions. Its external design is quite good, the Japanese have worked on this, as they say, to glory.

The second widget allows you to see what the weather expects us not only today, but also tomorrow, as well as the whole next week. Possibly an hourly split to view the most accurate weather forecast. By default, there is help, which is periodically displayed. There are tips that allow the owner of the phone to optimize its operation by using chips with a battery. Help, in general, will be useful for people who have just started to master the operating system of the "Android" family.

Do I need a news feed?

Sony ST27I, the characteristics of which we will cite in this article, is equipped with a program called TimeEscape. It displays a tape of user actions, which the phone owner has previously added to friends. To be honest, there is no practical use for this utility as such. Nevertheless, certain categories of users may well be interested in it. The program Music Unlimited will not only allow you to listen to music, but also download it to your device. In terms of video viewing it is useless. Which, by the way, can be understood already from the name of the application.

Form style

Separately I would like to talk about a music player, since we got to this topic. It is decorated in the best traditions of the Japanese company. Using the interface, files can be quickly transferred, and transferred to the playlist, where the user has the right to add the necessary tracks or songs.

If the buyer understands the settings of the equalizer, then he will be able to please himself with high-quality and surround sound, since the equalizer itself is present in the settings of the multimedia player built into this unit. With the help of a special add-on, you can increase the volume of the speakers. This is a very useful add-on, because the dynamics themselves can not be called loud. This, rather, refers more to conversational. We can say that the conversational dynamics with the quality of the voice of the interlocutor are well.

A service called Unlimited, which is built into a multimedia player, allows you to find information about the performer of the currently playing song. The information will be found using third-party services, such as YouTube or Wikipedia. Sony Xperia Go ST27i, whose characteristics will be given at the end of today's review, is well suited for listening to music. In this sphere, among the analogues of the budget segment, it is probably the leader. Actually, that's why the smartphone was presented as a youth solution. You can buy this model for 7 thousand rubles.

Interaction with social networks

There is a pre-installed FaceBook application. There you can share the songs you listen to. Probably, this is again one of the factors that was used to show that this model is a youth solution.

Tired of music? No problem! You can use an analog radio. The list is selected quickly, it can be edited manually. Radio is also decorated in a style peculiar to Sony. To determine the music that plays, for example, in a cafe, you can use the traditional Japanese developer program called TrackID. It works smartly, almost without delay, for which the Japanese can say "thank you".

Not very functional, but truly beautiful is the widget with the clock. The accessories are managed using a program called LiveWare. Customization is presented additionally with own wallpaper and themes, and this is one of the strengths of this model.

Photographic capabilities

It is unlikely that you will be able to tell a lot about the camera of the device. However, we can go for support moments. First of all, it should be noted that, of course, it is not necessary to expect a miracle from this model. The quality here is average. Even if the pictures are taken under normal lighting, it remains to wish for the best. Yes, the main module has a resolution equal to five megapixels. But here something is not clear, whether with the algorithm of processing there are problems, whether the optics are substandard, but still not very fit images even this resolution.

There is no good without good

What saves the situation? Probably a whole range of built-in effects from the company. The simplest are 3D panoramas. The coolest are the definition of a person. Automatic focusing on the subject is present, works at medium speed. Digital zoom can be used, but not to be disappointed, do not. This is done through the volume buttons. When shooting a video, the image stabilizes. Striking results are produced by shooting clips. Unlike the photos, the videos are quite high quality, they can be shot as HD. Why did the Japanese this time focus on video shooting, it is unclear. It would be better if they finalized the creation of photographs too.

Autonomous work

The developer himself said that in the second generation networks, the smartphone will be able to work six and a half hours, in 3G mode - an hour less. Music can be played for 45 hours. However, in order to soberly assess such indicators and analyze the situation, we recall that we have an operating system of the "Android" family on board and take a look at the lithium-ion battery. It has a capacity equal to 1305 milliamps per hour. The battery, by the way, is built into the smartphone itself, it can not be replaced manually. With such a small capacity, you immediately start to think that "Android" will land the device by noon. However, it turns out that even with use with activity above the average "Sony" can live until the evening. The result was extremely surprising, and in a pleasant way. Charges the device from zero to one hundred percent in about two hours.

Sony Xperia Go ST27I: specifications and reviews

So, it's time to tell briefly about what characteristics this model has. Phone Sony ST27I has a screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches with a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels. The camera has a resolution of five megapixels. There is protection from moisture and dust standard IP67. The processor on two cores, working with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. The amount of RAM is 512 MB. The version of the operating system is "Android 2.3". You can upgrade to 4.0.

What do customers say about this device? From the point of view of use for "gatherings" in social networks this is a good device. It will be interesting to those who regularly use the device to listen to music. However, users in the reviews complain about low performance (and what to expect with such a processor and the amount of memory?) And a weak camera. If you are going to make high-quality pictures in order to share them in social networks or other places, then you will have to look for an analog better.

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