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Funny name for a dog (boy and girl)

Most people, before they start a dog, invent names in advance, they try to foresee behavior. And while everyone wants to give the pet an original and memorable nickname. A cool nickname for a dog is an opportunity to cheer yourself and others around. One can only imagine a walk in the park and a loud cry: "Karapet Urutiunovich, stop defecating on the lawn!" - laughter and smiles for the whole day are provided.

Sources, where you can take names for pets, more than enough. Here are a few ways in which you can go and find the most interesting examples.

Typical names for dogs

Strangely enough, but you can make such a hit parade of the most common dog nicknames. Almost every Russian house once had Bobiki, Balls, Kubiki and Tuziki. Now this name is perceived as a funny nickname for a dog with a touch of antiquity. These four onima not only entered folklore over time, but even turned into common names. Using them in the plural, often mean the whole dog class, and not a specific dog.

By and large, a similar situation can be observed in every country. Therefore, there are also popular nicknames for dogs that came to us from Europe and America. Among them, most often there are Jimmy, Jackie (Jeka), Julie, Jonah and many others.

But if you have clearly set yourself the goal to come up with something really cool, memorable and enchanting, it is by no means possible to dwell on the proposed options. You need to look for inspiration in something more modern and unusual.

Cartoon nicknames

All the names listed above are still encountered in every third house. In pursuit of originality, it is better not to use them. An unusual and funny nickname for a dog can be found in cartoons. If you have a restless long-eared dog and a strange dog, then what is he not Gouffi? A large mobile brown dog, which is ready to give up a lot for the sake of cookies and sleep - this is exactly Scooby-Doo from "Ghostbusters".

If you have a pair of puppies, it's even easier to find names, because there are a lot of options where the main characters are a duet. Yorkshire fidget can not be called otherwise, like Chip and Dale (the main thing is not to mix up).

You can also take such funny nicknames for dogs (boys), like Rocky for a fat cheese lover, and the name Slinter from the "Ninja Turtles" will suit the thin and thoughtful.

In any case, the abundance of cartoon characters will allow you to choose exactly that nickname that will characterize your dog as accurately as possible.

Just remember, the name affects the life path of the pet. Negative characters are not the best option for picking a nickname for a pet. But the fight pit bull, you can call Dr. Doom, since it's hard to imagine a more insidious and powerful villain.

Historical Characters

Fans of exquisite and ornate nicknames can actively exploit historical themes. There is where to go for a walk, since there are thousands of variants: from monosyllables to such that they consist of two and more words. Also in this category can be attributed and the proper names of literary characters.

Popular historical names that are often used for animals are Napoleon, Charles, Churchill, Roosevelt, Marie Antoinette, Krupskaya and others.

Funny names for dogs (girls) - literary characters and authors of works, such as Dulcinea, Princess, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Galatea. More extravagant options - Eugenie Grande, Monroe, Sappho. Inveterate book lovers will not only choose a nickname, but also embellish it with a bright history of origin.

From the book names are also nicknames for small dogs (boys). Funny doggies of small breeds can be proud of such nicknames as Dostoevsky, Don Quixote, Tsar, King Kong and the like.

The whole world map in the dog's name

Many owners reward their pets with the names of states, cities, provinces, mountains, reservoirs. It is noteworthy that such names may sound quite serious and impressive, and ironically. For example, a dog of impressive size, named Luxembourg, causes some respect, whereas a Kid is an exact hit, since it points to the modest size of the country.

The new sound is acquired by the names of continents and continents. If the mother is Africa, then it looks quite logical to name the puppies of Zimbabwe, Namibia and Nigeria.

A cool nickname for the dog can come from the name of the heavenly body - Betelgeuse, Cassiopeia, the Milky Way (Milky Way), Mars and many others.

Some terminology

Even science can give a name to your pet. Fans of extraordinary nicknames can open a glossary of terms and generally poke a finger at the first word that comes across blindly. No one will remain indifferent if he sees on the street that the dog responds to Synchrophasotron, Aspirin, Gluconate or Transistor.

Such nicknames for dogs will also complement the image of the host. For example, if the owner is a builder, friends will appreciate the following nicknames: Rubanok, Kelma, Anchor, Stropilo (obviously for a threatening animal and size).

Cosmetology also offers funny nicknames for small dogs (girls). Funny names are obtained from the items that the representative of this profession uses: Beautician, Cilia, Brush and so on.

These simple sounds

When the fantasy is exhausted, and among the proposed options none satisfy, one can go the simple way - to listen to the sounds produced by the pet's home. After this, the Shkryabs, Skul-Skuli, Gava and others start running around the streets.

The combination of identical syllables also offers a lot of funny nicknames, such as Fru-Frou, Kiki, Nana, Tsatsa, Lala and the like. There is another variant of Mu-Mu, but then it will often be necessary to explain that no one is going to drown anyone.

Reflection of the inner world of the host

However strange this may sound, the dog's name not only reflects the character of the dog, but also reveals some of its features. A man who calls his dog swirled by complicated names (Ostap-Berta-Maria-Bender-Bay, sit!), And in life loves everything complex, beautiful, artsy. Owners Bobikov and Tuzikov are simple and open people, hospitable.

Aspirin, Toffee, Anker, Business cards run around workaholics, persistent and purposeful personalities. Such do not seek to achieve great progress on the career ladder - much more important is recognition in a close environment.

Choosing a nickname for a dog, it is worth remembering that the dog will get used to any sound. The main thing is to pronounce the pet name more often and as kinder as possible. But keep in mind, cool nicknames for small dogs should not be too harsh, because they can scare the animal.

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