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How to find out if you have been jinxed or not: methods of determining the negative

When there is a lot of problems for a person, when nothing has foreshadowed troubles - a great temptation to shift responsibility to evil forces and say that it is someone who has jinxed or caused damage. For self-complacency, I want to use any methods to finally get rid of bad luck. If we assume that such phenomena as the evil eye and corruption still exist, then first we need to understand what it is, how they differ and how to know that they have jinxed and caused damage.

The main difference between the evil eye and spoilage

All magical processes are based on the flow of energy from one form to another, including the evil eye and corruption. Both of these phenomena can be regarded as a hole in a vessel through which a leakage of energy occurs. And the evil eye, and damage the energy bio-field of man. But how do you know if you've been jinxed or not, or is it still spoiling? Often the evil eye beats locally, in one area of life, and corruption brings bad luck in everything and immediately. The main difference between the evil eye and spoiling is that you can whip up the evil eye quite by accident, and spoilage is always a deliberate action.

What is the evil eye?

The malefice is not always guided specifically. How do you know if you've been jinxed or not? More often it occurs unconsciously, on a burst of feelings: a person with a bad eye can "look askance" or "nakarkat." The bearers of this skill suffer from it, because they do not want to harm others, but sincerely express emotions. It is from here that the roots of the council's roots are not diverted prematurely by their plans and do not boast, otherwise you may be jinxed and you will not be able to fulfill your plan. For the same reason, newborn babies to anyone, except close relatives, for the first time do not show that the compassionate old woman on the street did not accidentally jinx her with ohanjami and ahanyami. You can even accidentally jinx yourself if you rejoice too much about the event that is yet to happen: instead of smiling at the present moment, we are channeling our energy and our emotions into the future, and thus, as if strangling it and depriving yourself of support right now.

What is corruption?

If you have been spoiled, then the case is much more serious. First, you have an enemy. Or just an ill-wisher depends on the severity of the damage. Secondly, if the evil eye usually hits point-like, in one area of life, then corruption, like a viral infection, gradually penetrates into all spheres of activity - that same black band of bad luck. Quarrels with friends from scratch, falling from the hands of objects and breaking things, being late for the train are the most harmless signs of spoilage. Much worse, if it hurts due to the state of health or well-being of our loved ones and is expressed in awe from where the diseases come from.

Corruption does not occur accidentally, it is always purposefully directed. Most often, not without the performance of any ritual. How do you know who has jinxed or spoiled? Think about who in recent times you could have been hurt specifically or unconsciously. Who can have enough time, energy and, most importantly, the desire for revenge in order to take responsibility for the application of dark magic against another human being.

How to identify the evil eye on yourself?

Recently, you feel bad and you are chronically unlucky. How do you know if you've been jinxed or not, another person is not involved? There are such folk ways:

  • With the help of an egg. Smash a fresh chicken egg into a glass of water. Glass lean against the temples or drive them over your head for several minutes. Then you need to look at the water: if the yolk continues to float on the surface, without jumping out of the protein, - everything is fine, there is no damage. If there are white strips, there are incomprehensible impurities - there is a witch intervention.
  • Using a regular pin. You catch it on clothes, when you leave the house, head down. While you are clinging, ask the higher forces to save you from evil people and unkind thoughts. On your return home, check if there is a pin. If it is lost, it means that you are corrupt.
  • With the help of matches. You need to take a vessel with water and light a match. The match must completely burn out. After this happens, throw it into the water. If there is no damage, it will remain floating. If there is, it will drown.
  • With the help of a gold or silver ring. If, in the presence of spoilage or the evil eye, draw a ring along the cheek, then there will be a black trace on it. But do not rush to draw conclusions ahead of time, it can be the reaction of your foundation to metal.

How do you know if the child has been jinxed?

If we can still diagnose our own state of health, then the state of the child is a more complicated matter, especially if he does not yet know how to talk. Although a sensitive mother is always easy to read the feelings and emotions of her child. There are also external signs of the evil eye:

  • Unreasonable poor state of health;
  • Lethargy and drowsiness;
  • Constant vagaries and tantrums;
  • Bad sleep, nightmares;
  • Incomprehensible fears, frequent fright.

The aura of the child is still light and weightless, completely unformed, so children are so easily amenable to someone else's influence and often need additional protection from the evil eye. That is why children are baptized in infancy to cover them under the dome of the Christian egregor.

How to find out if you've been jinxed or not, you already know. Some of these rituals are also used to diagnose the evil eye on children:

  • Use the egg. In the same way as in the case of an adult, a glass with an egg is held over the head, and according to the state of the egg, it is determined whether there is a malefice or not.
  • A trace from the ring. With your ring, follow the cheek of the child and wait for the reaction: a dark bar hints at the presence of the evil eye.
  • Pin on clothes. If your child loses this pin while walking on the street - something is clearly not right.

How to remove spoilage from a child?

You already understand how to find out if the child has jinxed. Now we need to somehow eliminate this negative influence. One of the most frequently used methods is rolling out the evil eye with the egg. The symbolic significance of this ritual is that the egg seems to absorb spoilage like a sponge. The child is put on a chair and is careful that he does not keep his arms and legs crossed. Then the body of a toddler is rolled ordinary chicken egg, while reading prayers or conspiracies. This egg is broken into a glass with water. If yolk and squirrels are unkempt, with impregnations and dark impurities - the task is completed, the negative is stretched. This ritual must be repeated again in a couple of days, as a result, the broken egg should be clean and homogeneous. If it's just like that, after the first roll-out, then there's nothing to worry about.

How can I know if I can jinx a person?

In order to understand if you have the ability to evil eye, you need to understand your feelings well. The evil eye usually comes from envy. You may feel that you are genuinely happy for a person, but in fact you envy him. If you have at least a drop of ability to broadcast your energy, it can affect the object of your feelings.

What if you realized your feelings of envy? Work on yourself, so that too, was something to be proud of. If you sincerely devote yourself to some business, then there remains only a passion for it, and all the other emotions in it are burned.

On the other hand, there is good news. If you can jinx it, then you have certain abilities for magical practice. When you have these opportunities, you can not only jinx, but also heal. In this case it is important to send the most sincere and pure emotions - love, tenderness, care, calmness - to the person to whom you want to help your energy. If the negative feelings were triggered, it means that it should turn out to be positive. True, often sincere sympathy, complicity and warmth is harder to get out of yourself than the negative, which he himself asks to go outside. But this is already a matter of working on the spiritual side of one's life.

Who has jinxed it?

How to find out the bad person who jinxed you? Let's say you determined that you are being screwed up or spoiled, and managed to get rid of the negative on your own. However, the danger still remains. How do you know the ill-wishers and protect yourself from the repetition of the situation?

You already know that the evil eye can "fall" onto you accidentally, without the knowledge of the sending. If you think you've been jinxed, think about who you've been talking to recently, to whom you've been told about your plans. Perhaps somewhere they boasted something? Or guess who can envy you. To avoid a second blow you need to share your plans less, better silently and diligently implement them. Strengthen your energy field. How to do it? Any occupation that makes you develop makes you and your aura stronger and stronger. Sports, dancing, music help well.

How to understand who caused the damage?

In the case of spoiling, the exact answer to the question is probably more likely who is sending it to you. Think about who would be able to purposefully harm you. Who from your environment has free time for a whole ritual, enough strength, and, most importantly, the desire to take revenge? Who has been actively interested in lately, how are you doing? Most likely, if you found and removed the damage in time, the aggressor who has not reached his goal will try to attack you again. Often, for the rituals of spoiling the sorcerer or witch, you need some of your thing, down to the hair or a piece of nail. Think from what sources the ill-wishers can get your property. The main thing is not to let this person into your house.

How to protect yourself from spoilage

Whether you can protect yourself from evil eye or spoilage - depends solely on your personal strength. If your energy field is weak, then someone else's influence will knock you down. If you are full of strength and energy, then no damage and evil eye are not terrible for you. To your energy state you need to be very careful and understand what gives you energy, and what it takes, what nourishes you and makes you grow and develop, and what pulls down and drives you into depression. And if you are accustomed to cutting off all that is superfluous and cultivating only what you really need, then the question of how to know, jinx or spoil, simply has no influence on you.

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