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First name is Dasha. The importance and influence on the formation of personality

How much in your name ... Yes, it is the name given to us at birth that determines our character, habits, destiny.

What does the name Dasha mean?

It has ancient Persian roots, and means "strong", "owning", "conquering". The patroness of this name is the Great Martyr Darius of Rome. The ruling planet is Mars. A patronizing sign of the zodiac is Aries. How do all these factors affect the life of a woman named such a beautiful name?


The main character traits, which are manifested in Dasha from a very early age - sociability, extremely easy excitability and receptivity, artistry. A girl with that name is very smart, she grasps everything on the fly. From a young age, she likes to command, so in the relationship with her peers takes a leading position. This baby does not like to sit still, constantly is in noisy and cheerful companies. Loneliness can not stand.

First name is Dasha. The value that affects the character

Her life is quite successful, but often the girl lacks special perseverance and diligence. The taste of Dasha is wonderful, she likes to stand out from the crowd, to be in everyone's sight. She - the person is very bright, therefore often falls into acute situations. But they come out easily, without much effort. In actions, Dasha is impulsive, but at the same time she is intelligent enough. A person with this name has a developed intuition, ingenuity and very good memory.

First name is Dasha. Value in the field of love and marriage

In a married life, Dasha is sometimes very lazy. She is a homemaker. She always treats her husband with mutual understanding, tries to preserve her independence in relations. Can arrange for relatives on the part of the elect to be kind to themselves, surrounded by care and attention. Appreciates the loyalty and devotion of a loved one, she herself is also not inclined to betrayal. Never drags the past behind him, avoids everything that will upset her second half. In the family he considers himself a head, likes to manage his family budget at his own discretion. As a mistress - always hospitable.

Dasha's name: the importance in the world of hobbies and hobbies. Job

As for the hobby, Dasha loves to dress with taste, perfectly knits and sews. Preserving, all kinds of jams and pickles are her weakness. In connection with the inconsistency, the sphere of activity changes quite often. It will suit the work of a psychologist, a lawyer, a manager. Darya can achieve very great heights in business. Has organizational skills, can easily lead a group of people. The subordinates are always respected, but the authorities appreciate it. She will always finish the business she has begun. That's it - the name of Dasha!

The meaning of a name in terms of health

Smoking Dasha is strictly prohibited, because she is prone to problems with the lungs. Also, she should take care of her heart, because very often it can be disturbed by cardiovascular diseases. Recommended walks in the fresh air, light vegetarian food and exercise.

Dasha. Name Compatibility

The happy girl will be married to Alexander, Ivan, Yuri, Sergei, Eugene, Anton. And to associate his life with Oleg, Alexei and Fedor Dasha is not recommended. On the sign of the zodiac she is close Capricorn, Lions, Taurus. Does not feel in harmony with Aquarius, Libra and Cancers.

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