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Electro Collars for Dogs: review, description, specifications and reviews

Everyone on earth knows that a dog is a person's friend. It brings peace and harmony to our lives. Allows you to feel yourself necessary and caring owner. But sometimes a good and sweet little beast turns a dog into an angry creature, from which it is worth waiting for trouble. To prevent this from happening, we train our pets. For this, modern technologies offer the use of additional tools, such as electric collars for dogs.

What is the collar for?

Long ago a dog was brought up by a man. His job was to teach the animal the following basic commands:

  • "to me";
  • "sit";
  • "beside";
  • "It is impossible" and many other things.

Modern means help raise a furry friend. Electronic collar is used in the following cases:

  1. Blocking unwanted instincts. If you live in the city, it's the pursuit of cats, cars, people. For village dogs, problems lie in hunting for neighbor chickens and other animals.
  2. If you want a pet to go in for sports, then a special collar will help. With him it is convenient to deal with IPO, the French ring.
  3. The electronic gadget helps to support already existing knowledge and skills. This is due to the impulses being given, which cause unpleasant feelings when disobeying.
  4. This attribute is indispensable in the preparation of the dog for the search. The animal concentrates and is not distracted by external stimuli.
  5. If the dog sins with excessive barking, then for the owners of the collar will be an indispensable gadget that will help at night and for a walk.

Electro collars for dogs in such cases will become indispensable helpers, but how not to get lost among all the variety of models and brands? Let's consider more in detail


For the first time such collars were invented more than 50 years ago. They were used exclusively for dogs of hunting breeds. For starters, it's worth mentioning special purpose collars. Namely:

  • OKD (general training course);
  • GPS tracking;
  • The dog's content on a particular site.

There are collar types according to the type of impact. Here are the following criteria:

  • Number of levels of stimulation;
  • antenna;
  • Type of stimulation.

There are models in which several collars can be controlled by one remote control. This is ideal for hunters or people who walk 2-3 dogs at the same time.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the collar must be selected for a certain breed of animal.

The device and the principle of operation

It is necessary to understand how the electric collar for dog training works. This happens in the following way: a signal is sent to the collar in the form of a pulse, which is accompanied by a vibration or an audible signal. The dog immediately reacts to unfamiliar sensations and does everything much faster and more correctly.

It is worth considering what the electric collar consists of for hunting dogs and other breeds. In the small plastic case there is an electronics unit. The device is protected from moisture, from impacts and negative external influences. The collar is lightweight. Weight is only 50 grams. Your pet will not even feel it.

Which to choose

Now that you know about the existing species, it's worth paying attention to another issue. It is necessary to choose the right electric collar. For small dogs and their large relatives, the attribute is selected individually. Other needs are also taken into account:

  1. If the collar is intended for fixing commands or a small correction of behavior in the pet, it is better to purchase an inexpensive specimen. It does not need a collar, which has a large number of functions, which means you can save on this.
  2. There are pets that are too aggressive. To do this, you can choose a collar with a long stimulation. If you do not have a large sum of money, then the attributes with vibration will do. The optimal range is not more than 250 meters.
  3. Now if you need to teach the dog the initial skills and basic commands, then it is better to fork out and purchase an improved collar model. The range of action is needed large, so consider the options with a range of 800 meters. Stimulation can be single or permanent. A similar type of collars is purchased for sports training of the pet.

To make it convenient for you to orient yourself in price policy and compare this criterion with quality, we suggest looking at the table. It contains all the necessary information.

Price quality

For clarity, we suggest studying the prices for similar accessories for dogs. We collected several collars from different manufacturers to compare their characteristics with each other.




Innotek SD-100A

About 5000 rubles

(For fixing commands and correcting the dog's behavior)

  • Range: 200 meters;
  • Works on batteries;
  • In the kit there is a remote control for the collar;
  • 4 levels of stimulation.

DTSystems Ultra-E

Up to 5000 rubles

(Stops aggression, helps to correct behavior)

  • compact;
  • There is vibration;
  • Single and prolonged stimulation;
  • Range of about 250 meters.

Tri-Tronics Spotrsman

From 6700 rubles

(Needed to get initial skills and commands)

  • Range of distance - 800 meters;
  • Control panel with antenna;
  • Single and prolonged stimulation.


From 7300 rubles

(Suitable for training and training)

  • 20 different levels of stimulation;
  • High range;
  • Single and prolonged stimulation;
  • The device is recharged from the battery.

Here such electric collars for dogs can be found on sale. The last represented manufacturer should be given more attention, as these models are in high demand. Consider the characteristics in more detail.

Dogtra Collar

This manufacturer has established itself in the market. Products are popular with professional breeders and beginners. Electro Dog Collar Dogtra helps to cope with the pet when its behavior has gone beyond the limits of what is allowed. With such a product, you can always keep the situation under control.

Brand Benefits

It is worthwhile to understand why the collars have gained such popularity:

  1. Water resistant. The dog can safely swim, and the owner - do not worry for the quality of the product. The control panel is also waterproof.
  2. Several stimulation modes will allow to control the process. This includes: a short and long pulse, as well as vibration.
  3. Power. The collar can be selected according to the weight of your pet. The products are divided into two subgroups: for small and medium animals up to 40 kg and large from 50 kg.
  4. Radius of action. On each product this indicator is different. It is possible to purchase a product with a range of 200 to 1600 meters. Power is only from the battery. Charging operates on a voltage of 220 volts.
  5. Sound signal (beeper). This is equipped with collars, which are intended only for hunting dogs. The product simulates a bird cry that helps locate the dog.

Such electric collars are widely used by cynological services when training dogs. Electrical impulses help to achieve quick and high results.

Reviews of dog breeders

If your dog can not cope with his emotions, then the electric dog will always come to the rescue. The reviews show that there are both positive moments in using this accessory, and not really. Consider what buyers evaluate first.



Models Dogtra can be used on a single vibration (the effect is palpable)

Cheap models are made of fragile plastic

Give a visible effect in weaning dogs from bad habits

Use for dogs only with a steady psyche, for small breeds are not suitable.

Controls aggression

Do not use without the instructor's advice

Convenient to use in competitions

You need to buy standing products, and the price of it is high

Electro collar for dogs in Moscow can be found in many specialized stores. Before buying it is worth to study the device and check whether everything works.

Work on bugs

A dog is not just a friend. The animal carries a potential danger, so it must be trained. Many dog breeders resort to the help of such electric collars. We should understand how to use them correctly. Here are the main recommendations:

  1. It is forbidden to wear a collar without consulting a specialist. It is better to contact a cynologist who conducts training for dogs. The expert should consult you completely in this matter.
  2. Never buy cheap analogs. They can harm your pet. Preference should be given to collars that have a license.
  3. This device must have different settings, which must be installed according to your dog's breed.
  4. The attribute must be selected strictly in size. And here you can meet with various problems. This includes the non-acceptance of the receiver.
  5. Look at how the collar fastens. The product should sit tightly on the neck of the pet.
  6. Each such collar is equipped with contacts. They need to be selected individually, based on the length and thickness of the wool. Otherwise, the dog will feel a constant discomfort.
  7. Experts categorically forbid fastening the leash to the electric collar. Constant contact displacement will result in wool rubbing.


Basically, all cynologists prohibit the use of an electric collar for dogs. The price of a dog's mental health is higher than the cost of a product. In general, experts approve the use of the device only for toddlers, which must be weaned from collecting unnecessary food from the grass. In other cases, you can cope with the general course of dog training.

The main thing is to love your pet and take care of it, and it is better not to buy electric collars for dogs for permanent use.

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